Israeli jets bombed several Syrian military sites south of Damascus late on Monday, the IDF has confirmed, saying that the attack had been launched in response to the attempted planting of a bomb in the Golan Heights.

The airstrike took place in the countryside southwest of Damascus, SANA news agency reported, describing explosions being heard in the city.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) then said in a statement the attack was a response to an attempted provocation on the Syrian-Israeli border, targeting a fence in the occupied Golan Heights. 

The IDF said the strike targeted Syrian army’s observation posts, intelligence-gathering equipment, anti-aircraft cannons and command-and-control infrastructure.

In response to an attempted IED attack near the security fence between Syria & Israel last night, we just struck SAF targets in Syria including:? observation posts? intel collection systems? anti-aircraft artillery ? command & control systemsWe hold Syria responsible.

The sound of jets racing through the night sky can clearly be heard in footage allegedly shot in Damascus and posted on Twitter.

#BREAKING#Israeli war jets intensely flying over #Damascus ,

#BREAKING-Confirmed Israeli airstrikes targeted military sites (most likely linked to #Iran) in the vicinity of Damascus, #Syria-Syrian air defenses active over Damascus-Israeli helicopter strikes a position in Quneitra on Golan Heights borderRight map:

BREAKING: 24 hours after the incident on the Israel-Syria border, it seems that the Israeli Air Force is currently striking targets in Syria