the FDP does not offer: The Egerkinger Committee has hung in different Swiss cities with posters, in which the FDP-tip as the Islamists protector is denounced. The Committee stands behind the minaret and the burqa Initiative.

in addition to silhouettes of weapons-wielding veiled women, the FDP will fall, the President of Petra Gössi (43), group chief Beat Walti (50), as well as the Bernese Councillors, Christa markwalder (44) and Christian water (38) shown. Including the question: “do you Want to choose such a FDP Defectors really?” Also on his website and on Facebook, the Committee to SVP national councillor Walter Wobmann (61) is switched on, the Subject.

posters away or 10’000 Swiss francs, punishment

This must end immediately, call on the four free-minded politicians and the liberal democratic party in Switzerland. And they attack the hardest of all means: you go to court.

LOOK know that today, Wednesday, it was filed a lawsuit at the district court of Andelfingen, ZH. The claim: The posters and Social Media Subjects will disappear within 24 hours. Wobmann does not, threatens the Committee to a fine of 10’000 Swiss francs. Also planned further publications of the poster should be banned with penalty of CHF 10’000.

“I don’t leave me”

Gössi and your party colleagues will feel in your personality violated, among other things, the right to the own image. But to say not only, as the FDP-Boss VIEW: “I will not let me, that I would protect radical Islamists.” In addition, the FDP would be for the rule of law “and it also means that we have to tackle it, when we see our rights infringed”.

If the FDP gets away with it, however, is questionable, because according to article 28 of the civil code, on which it is based, is a violation of privacy is only unlawful if it is “justified by an overriding private or public interest”.

Exactly on this Committee-President Wobmann invoked. Compared to the VIEW he said on Tuesday, the population have a right to know how elected members of Parliament, voted on in the Council, “against measures to curb radical Islamism in Switzerland”.

“pure symbol politics”

the reason for the poster is that Gössi, Walti, mark Walder and water fall, as well as 88 national councils of almost all the parties – a Motion of the SVP had rejected. This demanded that the Federal government should stop the spread of radical Islam in Switzerland, to Finance such as through the Monitoring of all mosques and ban Muslim organizations from abroad.

“The Motion of the SVP was a pure symbol politics, which would not have been feasible, or nothing at all would have brought,” says Gössi. “We strive for Realpolitik, as we have demonstrated on several occasions.” The FDP had called for as early as 2015, the terrorist met the standard is extended so that also the preparation and Propaganda is punishable by law.