On Saturday took place in Germany raids because of terrorist suspicion. Was searched for explosives and weapons, such as the spring announced leading General Prosecutor’s office in Düsseldorf. Eleven men, aged from 22 to 35 years are predominantly of Tajik nationality were temporarily detained. Their release was arranged after no weapons and no explosives were found.

against a group of at least six people on suspicion of preparing a serious seditious act of violence, will be Determined, a authorities spokesperson said. In addition to the suspicion of conspiracy to murder, as well as the achievement of a explosive blast. The suspects, six people were among the eleven arrested.

police are hunting a cell of the Islamic state

The police accuses the grouping, either as a cell of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) or as a supporter of the goals of this organization, weapons and explosives. So they had planned to commit in the future, a specifically planned attack on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Several hundred officials were searching among other objects, in Essen, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Mönchengladbach, Duisburg, as well as in baden-württemberg, Ulm. Searches of the apartments, had been, among other things, a senior Prosecutor said Daniel Vollmert. In several places the special forces were used. Also EDD.

In Düsseldorf, had been arrested a man on Friday afternoon on the open road in the vicinity of the Academy of arts, said Vollmert. An arrest had also been eating. Where and when the other people were detained, was initially not known.

Odyssey was the trigger for large-scale use of

the trigger for the large-scale operation, the Odyssey of a 19-year-old Tajiks in the city centre of Essen on Friday. “Because they had a fear that perhaps this is the prelude for several attack scenarios,” said the spokesman. This is not confirmed but. Between the two there is no connection.

previously, police well-known 19-Year-old was on Friday morning with his car with “excessive speed” through a pedestrian zone in Essen city centre. Special forces arrested the man, finally. Being investigated for attempted murder. No one was hurt.

“That was the reason that the search action is run on yesterday, in order to ensure that the Suspect implement in our Tatkomplex actually something that day,” said Vollmert. It had been suspected, “that the schedule a on a rampage journey. But, there are plenty of examples of terrorist attacks using a motor vehicle.” The Moment had not been ruled out that the Tajik Person was to eat part of the grouping. (SDA)