ISIS explains why not afraid of being infected with coronavirus

Radical Islamists took a worldwide pandemic coronavirus COViD-19 as an opportunity to re-start terrorist struggle. Is media issued a call to his supporters to re-start the fight, which called the coronavirus one of the soldiers of his group. The treatment was accompanied by photos of the burning of the tower of London and cities in the U.S. with the caption “Coronavirus – soldiers of Allah.”

However, in one of the manuals clarified the necessary measures of protection: “trust in Allah” and “cover your mouth when yawning and sneezing,” particularly in public places. Among the rank and file militants of the terrorist as write mass media, news about the epidemic welcomed.

the Wives of the militants, who are under guard in the camp, al-hol in the North of Syria, said that the coronavirus doesn’t threaten them, and even more – inspires to future victories.

“Muslims do not die from this virus, just wrong. God sent his army. This is one of God’s soldiers,” – said in the video online one of the women.

In the camp, al-hol, as well as in numerous prisons in the occupied USA territory there are thousands of militants and their supporters. Trying to use a planetary pandemic as news coverage, the terrorist group even tried to organize an uprising in the prison of the Syrian city of Hasaka, but failed. However, according to experts, the militants may again raise its head if the epidemic will weaken the security of Europe and the United States.