Away from the Public, Isabel Florido (48) has made a training as a tourism guide. “I have fulfilled a dream of youth,” says the “Among us”series-Star of the 90s. “I’m from Zurich and love this city. Only I didn’t think that I know them in and out, however, this was not at all the case,” says the actress, who completed a four-month course through intensive with a lot of self-study successfully. How desirable this is, she noted, as she was of 600 applications a of 18 persons were admitted to it. Twelve have passed it finally, including Florido, who speaks five languages fluently.

What many don’t know is located behind a small door in a narrow street

Now she is a specialist when it comes to architecture, art and history of Zwingli city. What has fascinated you the most, what you knew before? “What is behind the small, inconspicuous door behind the narrow alley at the Schifflände 30 zürich’s Niederdorf. Here, in the so-called Ehgraben, were disposed of in the waste from the kitchens and latrines of neighbouring houses and flowed directly into the river Limmat down,” said Florido, which aims to inspire tourism to the guests for a tour of the very close drains.

“Today, it smells neutral. However, as much as it did back then stunk, you can’t imagine in the noble city at all.” Only with the cloaca reform from 1867/68 to a moved to vault in the Ehgräben and submerged sewer pipes in the bottom of the open trench.

tourism guides as a pension scheme

A dozen tours of two hours has made since may, a charge of 25 Swiss francs. “Rich, I’m not going to this, but daily enriched.” They do it not because of the money, but an old hedge was. “For me, it is running professionally as well. This was, as the spokesperson of the radio spots or Event moderations. But I’m nothing. Especially in the fields of acting and Moderation of the young Generation to come. I should not be booked, I focus guides me to the Old town.”

These offers are currently available in German and English, in the autumn guided tours in Italian, come to that – and from then on, you can also conduct private tours. To inspire “people to the history of a city, for me as a gift.”