of Course: What has been done by Marc Schneider in this preliminary round by FC Thun, is worthy of the greatest respect. The 3rd place in the Bernese Oberland, the three points lie in front of the FCZ. Schneider switches 8 Joker-goals and the relevant share of the high flight. And yet, the 38-Year-old is expected to come on Monday evening for the election of the best coach of the year empty.

The reason for this is two years older and is only for one year as a professional coach: Gerardo Seoane. The FCL he saves in the first half of the year, before the descent, with the YB, he puts on a superb first round and has after 18 Games, already 19 points clear at first tracker from Basel. Fabulous 2,72 points Seoane in section, a balance sheet, which looks for their-same.

Seoanes steps recently, greater

Seoane is one who has planned his career step by step. Although the steps have recently been getting bigger. From the U18 to the FCL, where he was were not only a Coach, but often also a bus driver and sometimes even Material, on the under-21s, then the Lucerne professionals, and now YB.

Only a few deal so intensively with the coaching job: Lucien Favre, he has learned how to use this deal at Dortmund with the stress in English weeks, revealed Seoane in an Interview with the “Sunday newspaper”. On the Radio he listens to press conferences by Spanish coaches.

And Seoane is one that has big goals: “I want to deliver in the case of YB over a certain period of time, a good job,” he says in the Interview. “When you talk of Dreams and goals, then names such as Ottmar Hitzfeld, or Lucien Favre come to mind. To you, should be oriented.”

FCZ Magnin is a geek

The third Nominee for the election of the coach of the year Ludovic Magnin. At the points of intersection in the championship this may. Magnin has brought in its 32-Super-League, with an average of only 1.31 for the counter. But in may, he was with the FCZ to win the Cup against YB.

SFL Awards at tele-club Zoom

The Swiss football fans will be able to be at the big night of Swiss football live. Tele club shows on its Free-TV channel Teleclub Zoom from 17.30 at the Green Carpet ceremony, presenter Gianni Wyler and the tele-club experts will be reporting live from Lucerne. From 20.00 the Award-Show with Zoe Torinesi and Sven Furrer live.