The image of a beautiful relationship for most of the people that both partners have about the same likes. This balance is not only seen as fair, it can stabilize in the sense of a Balance in a relationship is actually to a certain degree.

A balance of emotions is not enough by far. Love is shown not only in feelings but also in the effective everyday life. For example, there are people who are in love feel emotional while in a frenzy. If you look then exactly what you are doing is really for a partnership, then the case is suddenly no longer so clear. Other people experience their feelings as a little lurid, but as a Partner nevertheless very present and loving and acting in the daily life accordingly.

If your feelings are not enough, you feel comfortable in the relationship, or if you feel that your partner is focusing on a future that you can’t really identify, then it is important to communicate the. Without an open dialogue, the conclusion, will leave your opponent probably just clueless.

feelings are an exciting thing. But they should not be more important than the effectively lived out in everyday life, and open communication about this life.

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