Is also protected Manneken Pis in Brussels got a medical mask

MOSCOW, April 19/ Radio Sputnik. Medical mask hung on the sculpture “Manneken Pis” in Brussels, reported RIA Novosti.

Traditionally, the bronze sculpture-fountain, the height of the crust is only 60 centimeters, dressed up in various costumes to celebrate festivals or any important event for the country and the world.

as of Sunday the total number of confirmed cases COVID-19 in Belgium is 38496, died 5683 people. On Wednesday, authorities extended isolation measures in Belgium until may 3.

containment of coronavirus in Belgium introduced a month. There is a restriction on entry into the Kingdom as from European and third countries, bringing the normally crowded historic center of Brussels were empty. Closed all cafes and restaurants, there are museums and theatres.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that experts called classes for getting rid of the panic at the time of isolation.

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