Leopoldsburg is The six-year-old Sunday from Heppen lost Saturday night’s fight against a rare children’s cancer. His / her parents and the whole town continue to be beaten back. Seppebroden, snowboarding, art, quizzes, voetbaltornooien, and even a sophisticated pyramid scheme, nothing was too much trouble for their fellow villager to help out. But it doesn’t have to be there.

our next opponent was fighting against cancer and that it had immunotherapy, is needed, with a price tag of as much as 140,000 euros. The boy was suffering from neuroblastoma, a rare children’s cancer. To make things worse, it was Sunday, high-priced therapy is not reimbursed by the RIZIV / inami. And realized that the little boy was himself, but all the time. “I’ve been in a year and got sick and could not go to school”, said on Sunday in 2018. “I’ve been a lot in the hospital, and the doctors say that there are still a prescription drugs are. But that will cost a lot of money.”

as the Hottest Town in Flanders

Heppen, and a village of Leopoldsburg, wrapped in each other. The Middle of the Village of Flanders, succeeded in the impossible. The working group on Aid Sunday’ has collected a whopping 175.532 euro. “We’ll have a full year in the weather,” said a neighbour, At Caerts, who was the first to roll up their sleeves stuck out at the end of may 2019. “The entrepreneurs came up with a business plan, the bakers sold the Seppebroden, de schooljuf switched Bednet in her classmates broke their spaarpotjes open eetdagen have been put in place, party chairs have been requisitioned. We are not out of the way, and are proud of the results. With 175.532 the euro, we remove the set of 140.000 euro. As a Sunday now, but it will get better.” But this Sunday is not an option. The immunotherapy did not meet.