Irish radicals of the

Leaders of the radical party “Sinn FEIN” has said it will seek the inclusion of their representatives in the government of the country, reports channel “Russia 24”.

According to polls, early elections to the Parliament, the party showed equal results with the leaders. This is a great success for the radicals that used other political forces refused to cooperate. Now conservatives from the party “United Ireland”
the largest opposition force — “Soldiers of fortune” will be forced to consider the proposals of the radical coalition. To do they do not want.

Sinn Féin (we ourselves – the Irish) in the past has been associated with the so-called Irish Republican army, which account for hundreds of terrorist attacks across the country.

Earlier it was reported about the preliminary results of the early parliamentary elections in Ireland. According to the exit poll, the three largest parties — the conservatives, liberals and national-Republicans — scored a roughly equal number of votes.

This situation may lead to difficulties in forming a governing coalition, say political analysts. Overall there were 17 parties. Preliminary results promise to announce on Monday.