This 0:3-Pleite in 1986 in Ireland will forget Karl Engel (66) never more. A scar on the chest reminds him of the time life. Only 20 minutes are played, as an Irishman in an air battle, our former national team Keeper, with all the knee force beats in the back and give him a rib breaks. This penetrates into the lung case. “I had insane pain,” says angel, who needs surgery after the journey home immediately, and five days on the intensive care unit. “Wouldn’t have asked the team doctor to the correct diagnosis, it would have been dangerous,” says angel today.

Six years after the angel, Martin Brunner (56) gets in a test, the dreaded Irish the hardness of the game to feel. The Nati-Goalie gets an elbow in the face. “I tried to continue playing,” says Brunner, “but my eye was so swollen that I couldn’t see anything. A one-eyed Goalie is not ideal. Fortunately, in the meantime, elbow strikes are the whistle consistently,” he says.

fight and emotions – the game of Ireland

In the European championship qualification in 2004, hurt the Irish even Jörg Stiel (51). However, the national team Goalie plays the last five minutes with a gash and a Turban. “I got an elbow,” says stalk, and laughs, “but for me, it was not so bad. When I picked up the Turban, I had only a small scratch. I was ashamed, almost, that one has me a bandage.”

The Swiss – led by Goalie Yann Sommer – you’ll need to dress warm today. The Irish are still living out of the fight, fire and emotions. Angel Brunner and stem are, however, confident: “we are combative against, we will win this game. We have more individual class than the Irish.”

Hopefully the Goalie are legends correctly. And hopefully we will remain free of injury!

The bloated European championship finals, is here and there of the Tenor, is a dilution. A Jekami with 24 Teams, you can not miss the participation of almost.

you Can’t. Is a risk to you especially when you have so many secondary theatres of war, such as the Swiss Team. A such as Xherdan Shaqiri would be against such a robust and physically strong team, with its unpredictable and wirbligen kind of high value.

That it is not managed by Vladimir Petkovic in the last few years to build up its most important
the offensive player, a relationship of trust, is a poverty certificate.

as well as the fact that you moderated the Ausbootung of the long-standing captain Stephan Lichtsteiner again, so lousy, as was already the case with Valon Behrami the case. A Naticoach with Millionensalär and so much leisure time could also times on the plane and with a key player in the conversation. That would be a bigger sign of appreciation than a short message by mobile phone.

Now, it must inform the other. And because it is playful at home against Denmark (3:3) 3:0 and two points has made, is game, the match against table leaders Ireland is already a key. A defeat could have disastrous consequences.

You are standing with your back to the wall. In a group, in which one must necessarily, under the first two. But in the worst case, there’s still a Chance via the Playoffs, the Nations League and the hatch back door to the finals.

You can miss the European championship finals. But it is actually very difficult.