Irina Vityazev about EKO: people come TO us for the last hope

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the questions “RG” said the chief of Department of assisted reproductive technologies National MITS of endocrinology, Ministry of health of Russia, doctor of medical Sciences Irina Vityazev. The doctor helps childless women and couples for over 30 years.

Irina Ivanovna, as demand in our country surrogacy?

Irina Vityazev: Surrogacy is one of the IVF – in vitro fertilization, medical technology, which helps childless couple to become parents. This story is as old as the world. Even in the Bible there are scenes describing how a wife could not give birth and the baby for her and her husband by mutual agreement of the bore and gave birth to another woman, the maid. This so-called “traditional” surrogacy: sperm of the future father naturally got to a surrogate mother, was the fertilization of her own egg. In this situation, the surrogate mother is also the biological (genetic) mother. In modern methods of treatment of the infertile couple “traditional” surrogate motherhood is prohibited.

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Now the fertilization of the eggs occurs outside the body (extra corporis) women, and a surrogate mother to carry an embryo is a living creature belonging to two biological parents. In this case, adherence to two rules: first, to obtain the embryo never used the egg of a surrogate mother, and, secondly, the surrogate mother does not know whose genetic material was usedan who the biological parents are nurturing the child. It is in the interests not only of the biological parents and the surrogate mother.

as the demand for such programs can provide data of the registry of the Russian Association of human reproduction (Rahr). In 2016, these programs ran more than 1.5 million couples came 676 pregnancies, were born in 470 healthy children.

That is not any operation by replanting embryo ends pregnancy and birth?

Irina Vityazev: In the brochures as much as anything to promise “100 percent pregnancy” and “guaranteed delivery”. But I gave you an honest statistics, it is open, available to everyone who is seriously interested in this issue. Yes, only about half of IVF pregnancies and ends only in 75-80 percent of cases, it is possible to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. And this is understandable, because it is absolutely healthy in the reproductive plan for women to us almost do not apply.

who comes to you? In what situations?

Irina Vityazev: the Situation very different, sometimes tragic. Now, for example, we are working with a young couple, im 23. The girl was healthy. My husband, despite his young age, significant changes in the sperm. Naturally the pregnancy are not subject for four years. But this is precisely the case when treatment is possible in vitro fertilization and carrying a pregnancy a patient is, of course, will.

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And here’s another story. Now in the hospital is the surrogate mother who carried the baby for our patients. The genetic mother’s pregnancy and delivery was contraindicated – diabetes ppervogo type, with severe complications. Therefore, after a program of IVF and having the embryos from her and her husband, we froze them and began to select a surrogate mother. Found, had “armlock” special training, moved into the uterine cavity of the embryo. And now from day to day expected birth of the baby.

Interesting living situation I had in the 90-ies. The story begins tragically: the couple had lost their baby in last weeks of pregnancy. The woman was hit by a car. The child died almost immediately, in utero, and the woman was miraculously saved. She had a strong bleeding, had to remove the uterus. And here they are, when the woman received medical treatment, came to us for help. It is clear that she could not give birth. But they suggested the surrogate mother consent to it gave 50-year-old mother of her husband, who had already five sons. We did not even have the documents governing the age of surrogate mother. The work was difficult but it turned out well: the woman became pregnant and gave birth to another boy, his own grandson.

I’m discussing this in detail so you understand – people come to us for the last hope in a desperate, seemingly situations. And if I can help them, I think I just have to do it.

the doctor of a childless couple come over last hope. Photo: EPA

how, then, many famous people, artists? Sometimes it seems that for them the birth of a child with another woman – it’s just such a strange fashion.

Irina Vityazev: Well, loud stories of famous people, probably, to some extent, can influence the minds of people. As it happened, for example, when from Alla Pugacheva appeared twins. When it became known, we began to actively seek women age 50 requirement to help. At the time, more suitable for the of birth children age, they somehow didn’t. And then suddenly inspired and came to catch upOsennee, not knowing and not taking into account neither the testimony nor the financial cost, nor responsibility for the life and health of future children.

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do you have patients who want to maintain slender figure, a thin waist, and now I want to shift a baby on another woman?

Irina Vityazev: No, for many years I had these patients not been. More often reason – problems with reproductive function of the wife or the husband.

by the Way, I had a couple who returned to give birth to another child. One very famous patient was the mother of four, and all four children were born through surrogate mothers and only on the testimony!

who’s going to be the surrogate mother? We can say that this occupation become a profession for some women?

Irina Vityazev: They are all different. As a rule, simple women, without higher education, sometimes without a specific profession that would give them the opportunity to support a family. Single mothers often are on it. And most of it is a good, decent woman.

How are the relations between the genetic parents and the surrogate mother? How protected its interests?

Irina Vityazev: When in the late 90-ies has developed the requirements, formed the legal framework was actively used by the U.S. experience. But there is a surrogate mother part of the volunteer. It has some bonuses he receives such as pay for education for their children, or better housing because she has a big family. But completely gratuitous surrogacy could not be done except in exceptional cases. Because the bearing takeennosti is not only a huge burden on a woman’s body, but also a serious responsibility to your child, the future child and his genetic parents.

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Now the situation is quite civilized – all the details, all the rights and obligations of both parties are clearly specified in the contract for paid services.

in Advance, “on the shore”, pronounces and discusses possible conflicts: for example, what will happen to children born with surmame, if the contract when you transfer a single embryo to be born one child, but got identical twins. In such cases, the genetic parents have to take both children. Financial decision must stipulate in advance when signing the contract.

Opponents of surrogacy say about the use of the female body, the humiliation of women forced to sell themselves. And what is your point?

Irina Vityazev: I do not see in the Treaty which concludes the childless woman or couple with a surrogate mother, no humiliation. It is a voluntary law and a voluntary choice of the woman. We don’t think to talk about the use of donors donating their blood or organs to save other people. A surrogate mother receives for its assistance in child birth a lot of bonuses, substantial financial support, sometimes significantly improving the situation of his family.

by the Way, how much it costs the birth of a child using a surrogate mother?

Irina Vityazev: In Moscow, in the agencies the cost of the full package of services is 2-3 million rubles, including the remuneration surrogate mother-about 1 million rubles. There are ehas other items of expenditure. But packages may be offered different: from only surrogate mothers, test data and health and to the date of registration of the newborn, including a contract for pregnancy and childbirth.

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If the parents want, they can find and offer a surrogate mother themselves. But my experience shows: even if the surrogate mother will be someone of close relatives, such as sister, anyway, all details, all liabilities needs to be thoroughly spelled out in the contract. Then there will be disagreement and conflicts.

Why religious people are against surrogacy, do you think?

Irina Vityazev: you Know, among my patients were not only couples where husband and wife were believers, I was contacted and clergy. The priest received the blessing, and then together with mother came to me for treatment. And we, of course, tried to help.

I Must say that all of our successes, all achievements in the Department of assisted reproductive technologies have been made possible thanks to the principled position of our SMRC endocrinology and its President academician Ivan Dedov, who created always supported high-tech methods of health care and has formed a team of professionals, including, and related specialties that help us get a positive result.