your tummy bulges out slightly and is hard as Irina Beller (47) says. Yet she was in an early stage of the pregnancy, but since this Morning, you have the certainty that she is pregnant. “I made a reliable Test that confirms this”, she says to LOOK. In addition, you know your body. “I was already a couple of Times in anticipation. A daughter I was born, a couple of Times, lost a child.” And also abortions, it has already come, says you openly and honestly.

Yet she’s only in about the sixth week. “I have not meant to be 47 once again pregnant, therefore, I did not pay attention also to the prevention of, and honestly not even thought that this is the case of Walter yet. Therefore, I am flashed at the Moment, only.”

, Walter,

is happy her husband, the Zurich building tycoon Walter Beller (70), may or may not believe it yet, but pleased just the same to the young generation like you.

What pleased the fancy Society Lady of the Cüpliszene also: “My Breasts are as big as ever.” The pregnancy has made it to Instagram well known, the same also with the question: “Who finds pregnant women sexy?” Your 303’000 mostly male Followers all have the same opinion: You’re always, no matter what the condition.

in the Evening there is a glass of champagne

to Bad you never, feel like I you bananas, especially on something: “. Which I will eat with passion.” And in the evening a glass of champagne. “I will not ban,” said Beller, who adds: “Also, if the Lust wanes.”

fear of another possible miscarriage is not the Switzerland-Russian. “We accept what is coming to us. Whether with a child or without. Our life is Rock’n’Roll, one way or the other.”