At the time, the audience was talking about how the actor Yevgeny Tsyganov went from a pregnant Irina Leonova to pregnant from him Julia Snegir.

Tsyganov and Snigir was secretly married

The situation was out of the ordinary – Irina was expecting seventh child of Eugene, respectively, Yulia was born, his eighth successor.

Tsyganova and bullfinch, then, all unanimously condemned. Irina Leonova stood tall, commented on the situation with restraint.

“Eugene I was very betrayed. Not because he left us, but because they had a baby on the way”, – quotes its words the portal

To be a mum alone with so many kids and not just to survive, and be able to provide them a normal childhood, is not easy.

But Irina did. She almost immediately after childbirth came to work in theatre, she is in demand as an actress and busy in several productions at once. For younger looked after by the nanny.

Leonov also receives child benefit as the mother of many children, some assistance is provided and Eugene.

However, according to media reports, a large apartment Irene had to exchange for housing easier.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the actress Irina Leonova left the apartment of the former civil husband Yevgeny Tsyganov, together with seven children.

This apartment was bought during the joint life of couples, and here the family lived until that moment as Eugene went to Julia Snegir.