“ever since Allessia was born, we have kept the big birthdays with 30 people. Last year we had even a bouncy castle. This year it was totally different to the minimum, and, funnily enough, she appeared more pleased.”

children’s birthday party in a corona-time. As parents, do you certainly its thoughts on how to deal with exactly the situation and keep the best possible day for her child, now, when circumstances are not to large assemblies.

at the Home of ’The Olsens’, also known as the influencer Irina Olsen and music producer Morten ’Faustix’ Olsen, they did just Monday children’s birthday party for their five year-old daughter Allessia.

in Which they are usually so wont to keep the big party, decided the pair to focus on the comforts of home.

“We had our concerns, whether we should invite one of Allessias friends or our closest friends, but we decided not to take some chances,” says Morten ‘Faustix’ Olsen B. T.

instead of decking the little up in the home with ‘Frozen’-princess theme, got a big beautiful cake delivered from the outside, made dinner together, and then they were otherwise just the mother and father, grandmother and fødselsdagsbarn together.

“Her godmother came over with the flag and sang the birthday song out by the fence. It was so fine.”

“So she got a few Barbiedukker, and it was just luck. She was happy throughout the day. It went up a little for me, that she almost was even happier that it was just relaxed,” says Morten ‘Faustix’ Olsen on.

He adds:

“Parents should not have a bad conscience over not to make so much out of it right now. After all, there are still many out in the world, which does not even have a layer cake, or know what an iPad is. For us, it was fat not having to serve 30 people, but just be together and be happy that we have each other.”

In relation to the corona-crisis, they try not to go much in detail to their daughter about what is happening. They have explained to her that she should not be in the nursery, because people are sick, and that it is contagious, and she understands.

“She has also heard that they say in television, to stay at home, and what they say in the tv is the law for her,” he says with a laugh.

“She has fun just. She loves being home and enjoying that we are together.”

On the arbejdsfronten can Morten ’Faustix’ Olsen good brand corona-the crisis begins to put its tracks.

Just for the time he should have been on tour with Joey Moe, as he was the day after the prime minister Mette Frederiksen’s big lockdown-talking released the single ’Yo’ along with.

“I must admit, that when Cass made his speech, I got damn a little tear in the corner of his eye, for it is just a half-year work, which was deferred. I have no income right now, so I must have called the bank and heard, if we can pull a bit of equity in our house,” he says.

“It is also quite brittle, that I have reached a point where I have been sitting in front of the computer and made so much music, that I’m starting to go into the garden, that there must be something else.”

“I have just started on a project to pull the tiles up to make them clean,” laughs Morten ‘Faustix’ Olsen.

the Music live fortunately again, so on Friday he is ready with a new single together with the singer Skinz.

“It is a sommerhit, which I hope can bring a little life and joy in the living rooms. For those who have a balcony, I can say that I have ordered good weather.”