On the play “fat no” Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina, written on the basis of original documents, letters and memoirs of contemporaries, Leo Tolstoy, in “School of modern play” has begun to work even in a period of self-isolation. The actors, led by young Director Alexander Sozonov rehearsed in zoom, and first settled in the famous Irina Alferova. And finally hosted the first live rehearsal.

at the entrance to the theatre issued a mask and gloves, asked to sanitize my hands. Slip gloves, go in the room where the actors at the table apart play. It is clear that to utter a monologue in the dressing impossible, and Irina Alferova lower a little her chin and says: “one public good, women are unnatural.” She says everyday words about my great husband, who for the whole world — God. And for the Sophia skinny old man. Generally her husband with contempt looks at a woman, because to 34 years did not know of any decent from them. From his young wife he demanded right down the road from the Church where they were married, the immediate execution of conjugal duties. And then he gave to read their diaries to her 19-year-old, where he described his communication with maids and peasant women, visiting brothels. Women for him were objects of lust.

the Director said that the Windows in the house will be shot on video, they will just search. Someone of the actors responds: “not to spend money on extras.” The Countess performed Alferova continues to broadcast the mournful thoughts that Tolstoy only care about fame, he preaches, and his family will be snubbed.

According to Alexander Sozonov, Tolstoy — the man who conquers the word, and no matter what he says. Be the center of attention — his nature. And his wife is afraid of his sons. Sons, he says, “Cynical have with my mom. As the bastards that mothers take the apartment”. In the Director’s notes said, and Alferov reminded us of this: “Here it is written that she, like king Lear”.

so, the original event — the Thick dies. The actors at the table to discuss all the intricacies of wills and the importance of heroes in the background of a great father. The Director felt that today is 1 million rubles in gold, which prompted the wife of a dying genius behind the posthumous publication of his works. 270 bars!

Everyone at the table talking about happiness. Where is it? Why Tolstoy’s sons were not realized? He didn’t teach them to live?

the Actors gathered meticulous. They check the situation with their own feelings, their relationships with loved ones. We do talk with Alexander Sozonov.

— what you are immersed in the thickness of Tolstoy’s life?

— it is important to articulate what the modern family. We do not understand how ��to batsa with each other. Everything became very difficult. Reformulating what a family is and what happiness is through the most difficult family in the world is, I think, honest and challenging attempt. It will surely be successful because we have great artists, everything in its place, and the text is amazing. Previously, all passed on to the Church, the Communist party. And now who? What are liberal values? These are questions that, one way or another, are set in this piece. And lots of brilliant answers.

the Literary basis of what is?

— There is a playwright Pogodina-Kuzmina, who shoveled a huge amount of literature and journals. The play she was in, we together finished. Here there is no absolute documentary coincidence. It’s still fantasy, but based on historical events. Leo Tolstoy — has long been a character in the comics. We use the solution acting works will exacerbate this. There are several monologues created on the basis of their correspondence, the scene where all eight characters talk about what they have a complicated relationship with Leo Nikolayevich. Who are the audience? It is the illegitimate children of Leo Tolstoy, and they, too, sit and wait, when divided heritage. We are all children of Tolstoy, because he is in us all.

At some point the whole house with video covered with cracks, it goes Leo. The spectator finds himself inside the game space.

— So girl be? They say it Mamonov will play.

— No, we have no Tolstoy. That’s the whole horror. We will be in Yasnaya Polyana. Around camera that will shoot close-UPS. This is done not as a fashion statement and not only so that everyone can see, and in order that the audience could feel the tension that was inside of this family. In fact, this is the first public family in the world. Leo Tolstoy, when ran, everything was learned from the Newspapers. The conflict each character is exacerbated by the fact that each of them looks many eyes. Not going to tell you about the ending. I have to surprise when you come to the show.

— Yes, you have surprised the choice of Irina Alferova for the role of Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya. We’re not her present.

— And it is beautiful. I came up with that Sofya Andreyevna in each of the five different scenes: the angel, the crisis Manager, the cook. How she is able to transform, while maintaining brand aristocratic feeling in the space. Who if not her? But resemblance does not wait.