Ireland Baldwin

for the First time about her battle against anorexia model Ireland Baldwin spoke in 2018. She admitted that the eating disorder she had because katersky comments in social networks, which drove her to a nervous breakdown. But it is all over, now the star is living a normal life and recalls this experience as the past stage. At the weekend she said important date — six years from the moment she overcame anorexia and bulimia.

on Saturday, she posted on instagram video, in which he shared the good news, and inspired fans, who are also fighting the disorders, continue to do so.

Today, August 15, marks six years since I became free from anorexia, bulimia and all other eating disorders that I struggled for many years. You can do it too,

— said 24-year-old Ireland.

In the comments, in addition to the numerous fans of the star noted, and her cousin Hailey Baldwin, who has confessed to the sister of love.

Talking about the struggle with anorexia, Ireland admitted that after the next meal every time she used the tablets for digestion, or just running to exhaustion on a treadmill until you literally ceased to feel feet. Now, looking back, Baldwin said that it took her a lot of time before she loved and accepted herself. Star actively encourages this and others.

Love yourself! You are beautiful! Enjoy the food. Eat ice cream with friends! Exercise and eat healthy foods, take care of your mind and body and find your healthy balance! Life is too short

she says.