a commotion at the Judo world Cup. Saeid Mollaei, 2018 champion of the world, up to 81 kg, has been lost due to pressure of his Association with the semi-final against Matthias Casse intentionally. Like the Iranians, is reported by itself, did not prevent the Association that he will compete in a possible Final against the Israeli Sagi Muki. The two countries are politically hostile to the.

family in Tehran threatened

“I’ve lost one hundred percent on purpose,” said the 27-Year-old London-based TV station of Iran, International. The Chairman of the Olympic Committee (Salehi Amiri) and the sports Minister (Mohammad Reza Davarzani) had commissioned it. Apparently even his family was threatened in Tehran.

Mollaei has now applied for asylum in Germany. This Marius Vizer, the President of the world Judo Federation IJF, the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun on the edge of the world Championships in Tokyo. Mollaei’s apparently in Germany. “I had a German visa, and I am in Germany, me of the rumors away,” says Mollaei.

Vizer stands behind the athlete and gives him the opportunity in the prospect of the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo to compete. “It is our job to protect the athletes. This is very clear,” says the Austrian. Vizer will work at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ensure that Mollaei should start in the refugee team.

sanctions by the world Association possible

The world governing body will investigate in the coming week in addition, the extent to which Mollaei and in Tehran, living family had been threatened by the political side.

Then you’ll have to decide whether the Iranian Judo Federation will be sanctioned. “We have rules. Everything must be done in accordance with the articles of Association of the international Federation and the Olympic Charter,” said Vizer. Some countries have other rules that they could apply in their own countries, “but not in the case of an international sporting event,” said Vizer. (sid/sme)