Iran will be divided into several zones depending on the distribution COVID 19

TEHRAN, April 26 – RIA Novosti. Iranian authorities have divided the country into several zones depending on the risk of the spread of coronavirus to remove or restrictions, said on Sunday Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

“the Country will be divided into areas of three types – white, yellow and red. Restrictions and regulations associated with coronavirus will be conducted in the framework of this three-zone separation,” – said in a statement Rouhani posted on his official website.

According to him, such a division depends on the level of infection of the coronavirus in places where, depending on the affiliation of a particular category will be taken appropriate action.

In white, said Rouhani, is scheduled to open religious places, to resume the practise of religion – previously banned Friday prayers, and to allow the Assembly of the people.

At the moment in Iran since February 19, when authorities first announced the coronavirus, there are about 90 thousand cases of infection COVID-19, of which 5.6 thousand deaths. Recovered 68,2 thousand people.

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