Ukrainian plane “Boeing” was shot down in Iran due to human error. About it, according to the publication Reuters, said the military Prosecutor of Tehran province, Gholam Abbas Torquay.

January 8, as reported by the “Rambler”, “Boeing 737” of airline “Ukraine International airlines” crashed near the airport of Tehran. In the result, he was killed 176 people on Board, including 85 citizens of Canada. 11 January, the General staff of the Armed forces of Iran admitted that the airliner was accidentally shot down by missiles.

Today Torquay said that the Ukrainian aircraft were shot down by the highest military authorities of Iran, as a result of human error. He also assured that there is no evidence that the Downing of the “Boeing” is associated with the cyber attack on Iranian missile (ABM) or anti – (defense) defense. In addition, the military Prosecutor of Tehran announced that, in connection with the plane crash was arrested three people.

Last week the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky authorities threatened Iran with referral to the courts, if they don’t start living up to its promises — will not bring official apologies in connection with the fall, did not pay adequate compensation and will not give the black boxes to the Ukrainian authorities.