Iran could not decipher the flight recorders of

foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated on Saturday that Iranian experts are unable to decode the flight recorders of the downed 8 January in Tehran Ukrainian airliner. As Zarif told broadcaster NBC that Iran is not going to touch the “black boxes” without the representatives of all stakeholders, writes “Interfax”.

According to the Minister, the Iranian experts have enough experience and specialized software. “Why the United States has not helped us? It is a humanitarian issue,” said Zarif.

foreign Minister of Iran noted that his country more than anyone else, is interested in the investigation of accidents and has the right to chair the expert group. “There’s still a lot unknown,” — said the Minister.

Boeing 737-800 aircraft of the airline “MAU” which took off from Tehran to Kiev, was shot down by Iranian air defense system immediately after takeoff. Died 167 passengers and nine crew members.