Iran can't touch the black boxes of

the Iranian Authorities not to touch the black boxes shot down on 8 January by mistake of the Ukrainian plane in the absence of the representatives of all the interested in investigation parties. This was stated by the Iranian foreign Minister.

According to Mohammad Javad Zarif, black boxes are opened, but Iran wouldn’t touch that in the absence of all interested parties.

Iranian foreign Minister once again pleaded guilty of Iran for the destruction of the aircraft and expressed regret that the military had not informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs about this tragic occasion.

“All the information that you want to the relatives of the victims, is in the boxes. We need information, why it happened, we refuse to provide this information,” — said the Iranian foreign Minister.

In the crash of a Boeing 737 of the company “Ukraine International airlines” on January 8, shortly after takeoff from Tehran killed 176 people from seven countries. After a few days, the Iranian military acknowledged that the plane was shot down by the expectation of defense in error.

According to the commander of aerospace forces of the revolutionary guards (the elite units of the Iranian armed forces), recognition mistook the ship for a cruise missile.

Earlier, foreign Minister on the question of why the government took three days to admit that the plane was shot down by the military, replied:

“It was a difficult situation in a difficult time. Others needed a lot more time. Almost 32 years ago, the US shot down an Iranian passenger plane. To date, they have not brought formal apology. The American officer responsible for the Downing of the plane, even received a medal. Meanwhile, the Iranians shot down a Ukrainian plane, is now in jail.”