Peter Spuhler has done a lot for Switzerland. The IPO of its Stadler Rail is the culmination of an outstanding business career. The Newspapers have only praise left: Spuhler is a “large employer”, “successful niche player”, the “trailblazer” and “Exemplary”. VIEW crowned him the “king Spuhler”.

The railway patron has made as an entrepreneur the right course. But ironically, during the time of the IPO, he sent out the wrong signals. The Ringing of the bell in the first trading minute of – what a significant Moment for a stock market newbie! A spectacle to witness, would have some rail and Spuhler Fan. But allowed only a hand-picked circle.

Even the exchange operator, SIX was surprised that Spuhler was locking the Public for the most part. Access to the “private occasion” got only a SRF Team. A VIEW-request on the day before the IPO, and the polite request for a short Statement after the first minutes of trading left, Stadler Rail unanswered.

the paper is intended to be a “people’s share”. The success of the traditional company everyone should have in Switzerland, Spuhlers Credo.

this Time the Patron has missed the Chance to people close to you. Instead of sharing for a few minutes to share his joy with the Public, he took the back exit of the stock exchange. Too bad! So it was not meant with “king Spuhler”.