IPhone launched Android, but it is buggy

a Team of kiberskvottera Correlium has released a beta version of a product called Sandcastle Project — “sand Castle”. It allows you to run Android operating system on smartphones Apple.

However, to make the mobile platform Google work somehow managed only two more than new iPhone models — the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Available to them a jailbreak Chekra1n that allows you to bypass the restrictions of Apple in the manipulation of the operating system of the iPhone.

Although the creators Project released Sandcastle call the product a beta version, it is rather an exaggeration: after installing Android on iPhone is not experimental work, no graphics accelerator, no cell phones, no sound, no Bluetooth, no camera.

trying to get Android to work on the iPhone are not new — many years ago already did with the very first model of the Apple smartphone.

Interestingly, the iPhone maker last year is suing Correlium, but on another occasion, a startup sells a solution for running virtual machines with iOS. This allows emulating the Apple OS on other devices, the look in her vulnerability. In Cupertino thought it a gross violation of copyright and direct copying of its intellectual property.

Text: To.Hi-tech