Like the new iPhone, we know only in September, when Apple will introduce it in Cupertino (California). We tap on iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Max, as well as a stripped down Alternative iPhone 11 R.

However, the Design of the new flagship from the USA, you can predict fairly accurately. The German Designer Hasan Kaymak, for example, has summarized all the rumors, and beautiful pictures that give a good impression of the new iPhone.

it should be obvious that Apple picks up the Trend of multi-camera and as Samsung from two to three lenses increasing. But not side by side but slightly offset and of a square border. Whether this is black or in body colour, is still unclear.

The third, the new Sensor should have a wide-angle lens, as it is now in the Android world, Yes, the Trend. And what in terms of photography, a lot of new opportunities.

iPhone 11: of 3D-prints to confirm a more stylish Design

Also the iPhone is expected to come in something elegant, therefore, and especially thanks to iOS 13. The new operating system is already presented at the beginning of June at Apple’s developer conference WWDC and is expected to receive, among other things, a dark mode and a new Look in the quick start menu.

The look of the iPhone 11, it has now been confirmed by 3-D prints that are supposed to be used for the production of suitable Cases. You are likely to be based on the official masses.

And also the colors of the cheap iPhone 11 R Bloomberg has betrayed the Journalist is the same. Instead of blue and orange, there’s a new purple lavender and a light Green.

The iPhone 11 R to have only two instead of three cameras. After all, more than its predecessor, the iPhone XR, which had to do with a lens.

Other Features are currently still open. Rumors talk about Reverse Charging. Similar to Samsung and Huawei, the User should be able to download the iPhone other Smartphones. It is also speculated that Apple will switch from the Lightning connector to USB C. What would be very welcome, is a more powerful battery. Here is the Android has been left behind competition, Apple is now a little bit.