the Unusual move by Apple: a year ago there was for the new iPad a great Keynote in the United States. Now, two new models are announced. And this quasi through the back door.

On Monday morning, the Online Store from the net went on, an unmistakable sign for new products. Now he is reconnected, and you will find two new iPads. The press releases to gabs for the time being, but only in English.

A completely new device the iPad Air – after the old iPad Air, actually from the current iPad without the additive was replaced. A Mix between the normal iPad and the iPad Pro. The Air has a 10.5-inch Screen, but is not as borderless as the Pro. There is, therefore, the fingerprint scanner and face detection.

As the Chip of the A12 processor from the last year is used, the normal iPad still has the A10 in it, the Per the A12X. Important for use: The iPad Air supports not only the Pencil of the first Generation, such as the normal iPad, but the smart Keyboard.

There is the new iPad with WiFi or WiFi and cellular, Memory options are 64 and 256 GB. The prices start at 579 francs. Who wants a little less Power, smaller Screen and no keyboard, you can buy the normal iPad for 378 Swiss francs. The Pro costs at least 898 francs.

at long last, a new Mini

After more than three years, the iPad Mini also gets, finally, an Update. It has a 7.9-inch Screen as before, and the A12 Chip as in the Air. The new Air is Apple Pencil, the first-Generation compatible, but not with the special keyboard, only with a normal Bluetooth keyboards.

here, Too, there is either WiFi or WiFi and mobile and storage variants with 64 and 256 GB. 449 Swiss francs, the iPad Mini is the cheapest iPad. Here, you pay in spite of less Screen for the twice as much memory and newer processor compared to the normal iPad a charge.

For consumers there are now four different iPads to choose from – and all this in five sizes. For you, this means: look carefully. So support for example, all of the Pencil, but only two of the four models, the smart keyboard.