Actually, VIEW reader Joel T. was looking forward to iOS 13 for iPhone. Especially the Dark Mode, the menus and Apps on dark color switches, and in the evening and in the night much more pleasant.

got to be quite annoying after the Update Joel T. only. Suddenly, eight pages with deleted Apps came back, he had to reset his device and re-install.

that’s not enough. Since the launch of iOS 13, on 19. September new Updates come again and again. In the two weeks since the launch, there are already three new versions of the iPhone Software.

“How can it be that Apple brings out such an unfinished product on the market,” sucks to be the VIEWS of the reader. And he has asked this question in the Chat with the Apple Support. There it means: “It is that Bugs occur, which are not surfaced, despite intensive Tests in advance.”

The Software is not fundamentally flawed, but should have checked how everything is New and improved. By the way: Officially, Apple has said to the many Updates, still nothing and does not want to comment on a request from a VIEW to.

“slipped in a Lot of errors, which needs to repair Apple now”

Satisfied, Joel T. is not with these responses. He wonders what is going on at Apple, and he’s not the only one. In Online forums and social media it is surprising, that more and more errors occur, which must then be fixed with Updates.

“Apple fixes with the Updates to errors that were already in the System. In addition, functions later on, which didn’t make it to the Release Start of the System,” says Jean-Claude Frick, Digital expert at and a longtime Apple connoisseur. iOS 13 bring compared to before big changes. “Wherefore have crept in, unfortunately, a lot of mistakes, which Apple now has to fix.”

you see, if you look at what the Updates for each impact. So iOS 13.1 free switched to the U1 Chip in the new iPhones, which can help in faster transfer of data from device to. Plus more Changes in the menu and some bug fixes. Just a couple of days later iOS 13.1.1 came with lots of bug fixes. About problems with empty batteries, Backups, or the Siri-were speech recognition, patched.

Very stable iOS is 13 but in spite of these Updates, not yet: problems with screen shots and password-protected Apps will be reported. No security release comes about in the case of Banking programs via Pin code or fingerprint more.

New Updates also bring new features

And also new Features are ready to be scheduled. The new camera mode “Deep Fusion” of many of the recordings, a high-resolution and ultra-sharp image comes with iOS 13.2. “IOS 13.2 is currently in Beta testing and is expected to appear in 4 to 6 weeks,” says Frick.

There were always a lot of new program variants. While it took iOS 12 for the third Update in December, but both iOS 11 iOS 10 had to be rolled three Times in the first three or four weeks out. Nevertheless, the expert emphasizes: “The number of Updates this time is, in fact, exceptional, and unusual, especially since the Updates are released so quickly one after the other.”

What to do if you don’t have up-dated his older iPhone on iOS 13? Jean-Claude Frick finds: “You can now easily update, since the latest Version now works virtually trouble-free.” The big advantage: Older iPhones running the latest operating system in some cases considerably faster.