cheap modern technology is not. Although connection gets no special accessory or an App, it costs the Ion Is approximately nearly 180 francs. For comparison: a Good cleaning at the end of models with similar basic equipment is there already for 50 to 100 francs.

by the Way, also spare brushes are for the Ion with 15 francs for a two-piece not cheap. Since there are many manufacturers that require a few francs less.

In the Pro-Tests also shows that it plays no role whether the electric toothbrush rotates just, or sound to vibrate. Each technology brings the teeth to a high gloss. It makes you wonder, what brings a whole new, third technology.

Ion toothbrush Is produces micro-current in the mouth

The Ion Is feels at first like a sonic brush. In fact, the brush head moves with 31’000 vibrations per Minute. Who does not know the is surprised in the first Moment, and may need to start on the deepest of the three stages of Cleaning.

in Addition, Ion has ion Be incorporated with technology. The Trend term means that the brush in the mouth, micro-produced electricity and negative ions are generated. This Plaque can be better removed from the teeth. to generate

To ions, it has in the middle of the brush head has a titanium dioxide rod that is illuminated with UV-light. It notes in everyday life of nothing. After all, The engine is humming so quietly to himself as than with almost any other electric toothbrush. to be able to

Without the additional effect of the new technology from Japan really judge, convinced by the result. After two minutes of Brushing the teeth really are wonderfully clean. It is felt with the tongue, how smooth everything is. But: This clean feeling in the same time also with other high quality brushes. to use

Easy, but little Features

The minimalist Design has its advantages and disadvantages. The brush is easy to use, with less than 100 grams, very light and has dozens of buttons, or modes. On the other hand, there is not – as is the case with comparable to more expensive models – Extras, like an App, more cleaning modes, different brushes and a travel case.

the charging station from plastic is very simple. The battery securely holds 40 rounds and can thus allow the charger to go home. And if that’s not enough, the Station to a USB port to dock, so about the cell phone charger.

those Who want to a toothbrush a simple, but excellent electrical, you should view the Ion Is more accurate. But there are much cheaper brushes that achieve the same cleaning result. And similar to more expensive models that offer significantly more for the money. It is important that you brush really teeth.