After several weeks of deliberation, UEFA, according to foreign media reports, is close to making a final decision. The most likely development of events, in which both of the Eurocup will be played in the format of the Final eight. The traditional two-legged tie in the playoffs, starting with the quarter-final stage, will be cancelled. Spectators probably will not.

it was Originally planned that the Champions League final will take Istanbul. However, according to the latest news, UEFA is going to conduct the Final eight in a city where the epidemiological situation is much better – Lisbon. All eight teams will be relocated in the country’s capital. This solution will minimize the risk of infection by coronavirus, the players and the club staff, because they do not need to fly from one place to another. However, exactly where will be the remaining matches of 1/8 finals – not yet reported.

Officially, the UEFA decision should be known on June 17, when a video conference will be a meeting of the Executive Committee of the organization. On its results also will be announced the dates of the playoffs. While UEFA are considering an option in which the final matches of the 1/8 finals will take place on 7 and 8 August, quarter – finals-August 13/14. To complete a European Cup season is scheduled for August 31.

– we Have a concrete plan, said the UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, founder. – I think, in most leagues championship will be played out. Those who do not agree – it is their decision, but they still have to compete in qualification rounds if they want to participate in tournaments under the auspices of UEFA. We must wait for the Executive Committee. Then all will become clear.

His opinion about the possible new format of the European Cup with “RG” said the ex-striker Moscow “Spartak”, a six-time Russian champion, who scored in the Champions League two goals in 15 matches, Valeriy Kechinov.

How do you last idea to UEFA about the conduct of the rest of the season in Europe?

Valery Kechinov: I think the current situation is the optimal solution. In Portugal lifted the quarantine, life there, as I understand it, is slowly getting better. In such matters, UEFA surely all calculates. Perhaps the rest of the season could have in another country, but the football authorities have stopped at Lisbon. It is their right.

But in principle the decision to thegrove European season correct?

Valery Kechinov: If the situation in the country allows you to resume the championship – then, of course, to do it. I think it’s all individually. France decided to terminate the competition. It’s their decision, but I think they still hurried.

In connection with the possible abolition of the two-legged tie in the playoffs, don’t you think that would be more sensational? Still one game, and even in neutralNoy territory.

Valery Kechinov: no. Yet the level of top clubs such as Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern are very high. And motivation at them there are no problems, she will go overboard.

But you will have to play, most likely, without support stands.

Valery Kechinov: So all the teams will be in such conditions. To be honest, the football without spectators is a little different. I’ve been watching the Bundesliga, and sometimes there is a feeling that is international friendlies and not official. Although the level is high enough.

Bayern crushes all in the German championship after the resumption of the season. You can call it one of the main favorites for the Champions League?

Valery Kechinov: View, the form in which it will be on the segment. Now all slowly come out of hibernation, so too early to judge who is favorite and who is not. Of course, Bayern are one of the contenders.

You’re debuted in his time in the Champions League just a match with “Bavaria”. What are your memories?

Valery Kechinov: the Most striking. Still, not everyone is able to hold the first game in the career of the Champions League against such giants as Bayern Munich. They had a great team: captain Lothar Matthaus, in goal, Oliver Kahn. Sorry, we didn’t win in that match. We scored, if I remember correctly, the minute to the 75th. Took the lead, showed good football. But at the last minute their defender Babbel saved Bayern from defeat. It was very disappointing.

And what of your 15 matches in the Champions League has developed more successful?

Valery Kechinov: of Course, against Rosenborg away. We were losing 2-0, but won 4:2. I then took the replacement and scored the third and fourth goals. Such memories – for a lifetime.