The “RVM the Capital” Sergey Orlov, a former adviser to ex-President of OAO RZD Vladimir Yakunin, has a new project. The Fund is managed by the company was the owner of the structure, which is building a rail terminal in Transbaikalia for the supply to China of up to 8 million tons of grain per year. With the current wheat export from Russia to China at the level of 60 thousand tons per season, the project may be excessive.That the Fund under control of UK “RVM the Capital” Sergey Orlov, a former adviser to ex-President of OAO RZD Vladimir Yakunin, joined the project of constructing a grain terminal in the territory became known from the data register. In July, the mutual Fund “RWM Commercial real estate” became the owner of 32% of the NSZK, OOO, which is the main owner of LLC “Zabaikalsky grain terminal” (ZTT). The owner of the Fund, according to Rosstat, in “SPARK-Interfax”, is the UK “RVM the Capital”.The Federal Antimonopoly service in late July, also filed criminal code on the acquisition of a further 17% NSZK. The owner of this share now is OOO “Remvagonservice” Stanislav Goncharov. The rest belongs to “State groups”, which OOO “Vortigen” control Elena and Tigran Hovsepyan.SST implements the project of construction of railway grain terminal in the TOR “Baikal” Zabaikalsk—Manchuria. The capacity of simultaneous storage — up to 80 thousand tons of grain. The turnover in the first stage — up to 4 million tons per year, and after reaching the planned capacity — to 8 mln tons. Investment in the project was previously estimated at 8.9 billion rubles In the development Corporation Far East (CRD) said that according to the project design and survey work, and in connection with pandemic COVID-19 start of construction postponed to the third quarter of 2020. But due to a temporary inability to deliver on a platform of foreign workers for the period may move. The terminal is planned to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2022, said in CRDW.”RVM Capital” is engaged in direct investments, real estate investment projects in the sphere of public-private partnerships, etc. In the number of projects in various stages — “Transmashholding”, “s”, “Baltic container terminal”, etc., follows from the company’s website. Real estate portfolio — more than 200 thousand square meters, the net asset value of funds — 47 billion RUB, Managing Director of Peregrine Capital Dmitry Gabyshev said that portfolio investors typically invest in infrastructure projects in Russia for a period of 10-15 years, and come through the sale of shares of the strategy. In the largest and SST to questions “b” is not answered. The General Director of “Remvagonservice” Dmitry Agafonov was from comments. To contact Elena and Tigran Hovsepyan has failed.Head of the analytical center of “Rusagrotrans” Igor Pavensky believes that the project SST may be required. Even without a terminal on the Russian side last season in China and Siberia by rail was sent about 58 thousand of grain, and with grain crops — about 145 thousand tons, he said. But, analysts warn, for the delivery of grain in Transbaikalia the load required to move to a 3-4 thousand km, which implies significant costs, because the terminal may need tariff preferences. In General, the estimates of Mr. Pavensky, in the early years through SST can take several hundred thousand tons annually.But the Director of “Sovekon” Andrey Sizov noted that China mainly buys sorghum and corn, which do not grow in Siberia, and the current supply of grain in China is quite possible to use and available in Siberia elevators, including standing right on the railroad. Especially in this region there is an excess storage capacity, he says. In addition, the expert adds, exports to major regions of consumption of grain in China may go through the ports of the Black sea for example, ships in the country of Ukraine corn.Anatoly Kostyriv