Big earner crab, far Eastern group of companies “Antey” can extend the fishery. The structure of the group wants to get 50% of the company, the SEC, which has won two of the lot with the quotas for the catch of crab in almost 9 billion rubles the Owners of the SEC, headed by a top Manager of several structures Rostec Valery Dautov, disappointed in this business and decided to withdraw from the project, say market participants.The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) announced the receipt of the petition, OOO “Antey” asset management on the acquisition of 50% of OOO TRK. As follows from the register, “Antey” asset management on a parity basis belongs to the owner of the largest producer of crab and fish GK “Antey” Igor Mihnova and Arkady Pinchevsky — the former Vice-Governor of the Sakhalin region.The SEC was among the winners of auctions for the sale of a 50% quota on the catch of crab, held in late 2019. The company won the bid on two lots with quotas to 5,263% of the crab in the far East of 8.83 billion. the CEO and co-owner of TRC through TOR stands Valery Dautov — a top Manager of a number of structures associated with Rostec, from the register.Kommersant’s sources in the market also tied the SEC with a Corporation, but it claimed that have no relationship to the company. Contact a representative of TRC and the Lord of the Dautov failed “b” has sent questions to President GK “Antey” Ivan Mihnev.According to Kommersant’s source in the industry, the owners of the Mall decided to exit this business: “After the auction, they considered the Economics of the project, I realized that the expected revenues will not, and started the search for a buyer.”Another source of “Kommersant” in the market heard that the SEC initial bought lots with the quotas for the catch of crab in the interests of “Anthea” because the group did not have enough equity. If the structure “Anthea” only in the North pool won the bid on five lots with quotas by 20% for crab of 18.16 billion rubles, the Head of the Information Agency on fisheries Alexander Saveliev said that during the auctions of quotas for the catch of crab sold at peak value of the resource, which then began to decline. Even before the pandemic COVID-19 wholesale prices fell from $25 to less than $15 per kg, and quotes today are under more pressure because of falling demand on world markets, he points out. In such circumstances, the expert does not rule out exiting the business and other players.Anatoly Mastereveryone allocated shares of the quota remaining at the end of the bidding campaign for 2018. In General, for 45 lots with rights to catch of herring, cod, Pollock, crab, etc. the state will receive more than 650 million rubles at an initial price of about 50 million rubles. the Price of lots with shares of quotas for the catch of crab experts call “space”, especially in an environment of falling prices and demand due to pandemic COVID-19.Read more