“The Lion’s Den” is back on VOX. The new season starts on August 29 at 8:15 p.m. and there are some bangers right at the start.

Lukas Schmitz, Steffen Kirilmaz and Bernhard Wernberger show the “Pagopace” ring, their very own invention. The ceramic ring has a sensor with which contactless payment is possible anytime and anywhere. The ring can either be topped up with credit or connected directly to your own credit card, and the founders report that owners will probably never have to top it up. The whole thing works via a built-in chip and an antenna, so that the ring is always ready to pay where credit cards and cell phones would be. Carsten Maschmeyer and Dagmar Wöhrl try out the jewel in the show themselves.

“I think the idea is awesome” and “a wonder of the world” are the first reactions of the lions to the idea. “The PAGO Ring meets the highest security standards and is certified by all major credit card providers,” says at least one founder.

Our expert has already checked this, see for yourself.

When the founding team is asked about the competition, the pitch with the apparent wonder of the world comes to a standstill. There are four competitors worldwide, but they have not been successful so far. A bad sign? At least that’s how the lions see it. The team can point to its own successes, but is that enough? The fact that contactless payment has received a significant boost, also in Germany, precisely because of the corona pandemic, is at least her argument for the ring. Does that make the lions happy? Can the founders still convince them? They want 200,000 euros.

Interest? You can buy the ring from PAGOPACE here for less money (99 euros).

Another highlight is the founder Aaron Holzhäuser. He is only 17 years old and founded the company “BeeSafe”. Although the name suggests it has nothing to do with bees. “BeeSafe” is a lockable bicycle box that can be mounted on the pole.

In contrast to bags, it is well protected against theft thanks to the built-in steel and at the same time electronic devices can be charged in the closed box via a solar module – suitable for bicycle lamps, mobile phones and the like. The young man wants 145,000 euros for his idea and is willing to give up 25.1 percent of the company.

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