Financial and commodity markets responded with a fall in reports of infection with coronavirus President of the United States. Futures on U.S. indexes lost about 2%, oil fell more than 3%, the dollar against major currencies fell 0.4–0.6 percent. High demand for gold, quotes, which rose to $1916 per ounce.American markets responded to the painful news of the contamination of the President of the United States Donald trump coronavirus. For the first hour after the message, according to Reuters, quotations of December futures for the NASDAQ fell more than 2.2% to the level of 11.3 thousand points. The cost of December futures for the S&P 500 index fell 1.8%, to the level of 3.3 thousand points. As I reacted negatively and the oil market. Quotes the October contract for delivery of WTI crude oil lost in price more than 3%, reaching at $37,3 per barrel. 3% decreased the quotations of the nearest futures on North sea Brent crude, to $39,4 per barrel.The U.S. currency fell against the Japanese yen 0.6%, to ¥104,9. The Euro rose 0.4 percent to $1,174, the pound fell 0.5%, to $1,294. Investors have started to buy more gold, the price of which, according to Reuters, rose more than 1%, to $1916 per Troy ounce.Around 8:00 GMT the US President Donald trump wrote on Twitter that he and the first lady Melania trump caught COVID-19. This happened a few hours after the news about the infection of his counselors hope Hicks, who accompanied the President in journeys this week.As noted by the senior analyst “BKS the World of investment” Vitaly Gromadin, “the markets are more sensitive to the news ahead of presidential elections — just look at the trading day before the debate the candidates”. Analysts “Veles the Capital” indicate that the disease will limit the ability of Donald trump to the campaign and once again reminded investors about the virus danger. The news itself “increases the uncertainty in the markets, which reduces the demand for risky assets,” said Mr. whoppers. Therefore, the observed sale in the commodity markets. However, as the analyst, increasing the price of gold, which is considered to be a protective asset.However, by 12:00 the situation on the market stabilized. Crude futures of WTI rose to $37,7 per barrel. The Euro fell back to $1,172, and the pound to $1,2915. Gold prices also fell below $1910 per ounce. In addition, investors focused on the expectations of other important market news. In particular, the publication of the report on the US labor market in September — in the case of positive statistics it may slightly increase the risk appetite among investors.The Department of Finance