Not many knew what would happen to the United States and the world economy. A fact it is. Bill Ackman, hedge Fund Manager and billionaire, had a nasty premonition. Ackman relied on the stock – market crash and was able to earn billions.

Ackman bought derivatives special credit. This secured his funds in the event of a crisis. The securities to protect the Investor, if the company can not pay in a timely manner.

the Extreme increase in value,

credit derivatives are not expensive, unless credit losses are very likely. To are the times when the stock market is particularly weak, the papers worth Gold. So he secured from the insolvency of companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Hilton, and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

the stock market crash to bet was risky, because it is only in the case of a crisis, the entire economy would be worth doing so. But that’s exactly what happened: All the companies are affected by the corona crisis, and the insurance papers, in which Ackman invested, will experience an enormous money growth.

27 million dollars, the billionaire invested in the securities. $ 2.6 billion came out of it. “Would have remained the world so stable, we would have lost approximately $ 25 million in a month. And if not this fuse would have protected the shops of our entire Portfolio,” said Ackman in an Interview with U.S. broadcaster CNBC.

winners of the stock market crash

What happened in the last few weeks in the stock market, there has never been. Self-star investor, Warren Buffet admitted a “something he had not seen in 81 years.” Shares plunged heavily, the trading on the US stock market was temporarily suspended and investors try to sell in a panic. Bill Ackman has been set with the precaution on the right horse, and is not likely to be the only one of the benefits of the Corona-crisis.

Of the gained money he buys more shares. Among other things, he invested in Starbucks. In an Interview with Forbes, he says that he relies on the recovery of the economy. “We are committed to the country,” he says. In this “recovery bet”, as Bloomberg calls them, he invested 2.5 billion dollars.