Investigators: Cause of fire in the house in Ekaterinburg was arson

Earlier it was reported that at a fire in a two-storey barracks, seven people were killed. Another victim was taken to the city hospital. Before the arrival of firefighters independently evacuated 10 people.

Photo: iStock In Yekaterinburg, brought the case after the death of seven people in a fire

the House was extinguished all night. The barracks caught fire late in the evening, and after extinguishing it was announced at four o’clock in the morning Moscow time. As previously reported TASS head of the press service GU MVD in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt, the experts of criminal investigation Department consider that the cause of the fire could be arson.

Who would want to set fire to the old building will find out not only investigators, but also prosecutors. On a scene have already visited the Prosecutor of Kirovsky district of Yekaterinburg and city attorney. Started Prosecutor’s check. Will be tested and why in this house was installed an automatic fire detector, although it is known that the house was to fall under this program. A few years ago in the MOE actively began to promote throughout the country the program of installation of such detectors in the old houses inhabited by socially vulnerable people and families with children. At the expense of regional budgets in many areas, including the Sverdlovsk region, was to equip such building detectors that automatically notified the start of the fire.

Apparently, in the burnt house such detector has not been established. Why? The question is still open, although the house burned legitimately can be called the old barracks.

– According to preliminary information, the question of the recognition of apartment buildings emergency was not considered by the authorized body and was not included in the municipal address program “StUchenie of living conditions of separate categories of citizens residing on the territory of the municipal formation “city Ekaterinburg” for 2017 – 2020 years”, – said the Prosecutor’s office.

Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk/ RIA Novosti Check fire safety of buildings will be new

His point of view why we have the fires in old houses were often killed entire families, shared by the former first Deputy head of the northwestern regional center of EMERCOM Viktor Krivoshonok.

– the Trouble is not only that municipalities are not found funds for the installation in the old houses of Autonomous fire detectors, as recommended by the EMERCOM of Russia, and that a few years ago in connection with the 50 percent reduction in the number of employees of the state fire supervision, state supervision over fire as housing practically ceased to be. Introduced a risk based approach provides for mandatory scheduled inspections not more frequently than once in five years only residential high-rise buildings. Also completely destroyed in force in the Soviet times the system of training employed and unemployed population to measures of fire safety in the home, the General said.