The transport officer had wrote to social and political issues in a way expressed, the movement at least against the moral attitude of the SBB, the SBB on Tuesday. The man was identified as a transport officer.

About the Facebook presence was reported at the weekend, the newspaper “Sunday glance”. The SBB asked the transport police then launched an investigation. Until the result is available, the transportation officer from the service. For him, the presumption of innocence, applies to the SBB write.

According to the newspaper report of the transport is to be noticed a COP for years with racist slogans and fantasies of Violence against refugees. In Social media, he should have made his sentiments no secret.

The SBB tolerate according to your words, “no inhumane, racist, items which glorify violence or extremist behaviour” of employees. The SBB code of conduct is an integral part of all employment contracts; the employees committed themselves to compliance. Violations could have legal consequences.

The SBB transport police, according to the SBB, a specialized security police. Your around 190 police officers work at railway stations and in public transport. Trained schools in a recognised police.