Changes to the Civil code would allow applicants to submit three-dimensional models for such intellectual property as inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks in the composition of applications for their registration, explained “RG” the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev. The ability to obtain documents in electronic form applies to all intellectual property objects registered by the Rospatent, in addition to secret inventions, he said. The adoption of the law is primarily beneficial to the engineering centers, corporations, high-tech industries and start-UPS, says the head of Rospatent, for which an instrument development are various three-dimensional modeling system, the so-called CAD-system. Natural representation of information in these systems – three-dimensional image models.

“through the use of familiar development environment for this category of applicants the adoption of the law will contribute to improve convenience in the preparation of applications for objects of intellectual property, reduction in errors including when converting three-dimensional image in a two-dimensional drawing, – said Ivliev. – Changes will promote reduction of terms of examination. The 3D model enables you to optimize the expertise (to reduce labor costs and time required) due to the visual presentation of the claimed solution”.

3D object model to be used in interpreting claims of inventions and utility models that will enhance the protection of the exclusive rights of copyright holders. The rights of inventors are protected.

“In practice, the membership rights are not determined by the presence of a paper patent, and according to the official registry, but it excludes certain expenditure of time and money for the applicant and for Rospatent” – explains senior researcher of the scientific-educational laboratory on information law of the HSE law faculty Vitaly Kalyatin.