1. The Julian calendar

Introduced by Julius Caesar, the Julian is the oldest Solar calendar. He is also the template for our present-day Gregor Peruvian calendar system. In many Parts of the world, but he was still up into the late 20th century. Century applied.

2. The harbinger of the concrete

The Romans are not only for their impressive buildings, but also for the Material that they used. Quite different than today’s concrete, is to use after some 50 years, keeps your concrete mixture today. They used a mixture of gravel, Sand, water and cement. Researchers agree that, for the binder lime has been used, which made it so stable.

3. Bound books

Before the invention of bound books, one used the majority of the scrolls or stone tablets. But the Romans developed the 1. Century code, consisting of several layers of parchment, folded in half and with a thread attached. The first bound books.

4. Sanitary facilities

The Romans invented a revolutionary sanitary facilities, for example, you installed aqueducts (water pipes), which provide the water supply in the ancient cities of liability. So water could be from remote sources directly in the cities into directed. Also latrines were installed, the waste was piped directly to sewers.

5. Caesarean

Under the Roman law, Caesar allowed in pregnant women who are Dying or have died, a caesarean section. In this way, several unborn children could be saved. However, the practice was not designed to save the life of the mother. The Name “cesarean section” has remained until today.

6. To be able to apartment houses / multi-family homes

multiple families in a house, built in Rome in the so-called “Insulae”, which can be compared to today’s apartment buildings. Since, in the meantime, about a Million people lived in the capital, saw the architect is no other option than to build in the height.

7. Traffic signs

The Romans had no signs, however, they used to give milestones to the traveler in the direction of information. So you always knew how far away from Rome or other major cities.

8. Fast Food

In the ancient city of Pompeii, it was usual for his food in Take-Out-Restaurants. Also were found during the excavations, only very few kitchens. This suggests that the truck-mounted forklift-used Service brisk. Consequently, the preparation had to go very quickly. The ancient Romans were the true inventors of Fast Food.

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