The largest festival of Russian rock music “Invasion”, which was to be held in the Tver region from 24 to 26 July, has been postponed to next year. Boris Tells Drums.At the end of may, when most of the organizers of open air festivals have already taken the decision to “move” in the year ahead, the organizers of the “Invasion” of the “Media Holding” (“Our radio” Rock FM, “Radio Jazz”) reported “” that training is going according to plan. The “media holding” is included in the list of strategic organizations of the Russian economy in the field of information and communications, announced this was long before Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin included all media in the list of industries affected by the pandemic coronavirus. Alan Marshall, a representative of the company “Ultra Production”, which in the structure of the “Media Holding” is engaged in the concerts, said that the headquarters of the “Invasion” feels more or less safely (see “Kommersant” on 30 may). One of the reasons was the absence in the program of the festival of foreign artists — they are not there by definition, and the suspension of international communications does not affect the work of the organizing Committee of the festival.A message stating that the festival will still be transferred, appeared spectacular when the industry began to show tentative signs of recovery. In early June, several companies released announcements of concerts in the mode of the drive-in — for viewers in cars. On red square hosted a book fair, and right behind her stands were installed the scenery to the Day of Russia. Continued preparations for the Victory Parade and March of the Immortal regiment. The restrictions were removed faster than it previously planned.As of 11 June in the Tver region revealed 2397 cases of coronavirus, in Konakovo district, where “Invasion”, their 220. Recovered 1,573 persons. Over the past day confirmed 83 new cases of infection. For the entire period of the pandemic in the region were 49 deaths among patients with coronavirus. Statistics of infection with coronavirus in the Tver region is not the saddest thing in Russia, by contrast, the formal region is among the almost the most prosperous. However, the entrance to the city of Konakovo now possible only under admissions. The decision on the termination of this regime will be accepted only at the beginning of July.”We rely on the recommendations of the CPS. Today we have to take care of the health of their citizens,” media quoted Mr Rodeny. Also the head of region has informed that will be transferred and the Victory parades in Tver and Rzhev.On the website of the festival “Invasion” appeared the following message: “We are until the last moment wanted to “main adventure of the year” for our audience was the “Invasion”, but this year, this slogan goes to the coronavirus. To provide abso��cozy epidemiological safety of spectators of the festival to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the face of such large-scale and mass events as “the Invasion” is currently not possible. The health and safety of our spectators is our priority. The decision on transfer of the festival “Nashestvie” on July 2021. Please save your ticket, we will meet again at our festival field next year — all tickets are valid.”Thus, only a few festivals under the open sky at the moment has not yet announced the cancellation or postponement to 2021. These include “Lechites” (7-9 August, Yaroslavl oblast; participants — “DDT”, “time Machine”, “spleen”), Live Fest (21-23 August, Rosa Khutor; Basta, Bi-2), Chess & Jazz (September 11-12 Moscow, Hermitage garden; Leonid Agutin, Lianna La Havas), as well as Music Nicht Ural (Yekaterinburg, June 26).