In an interview with the “Editorial Network Germany” (RND), ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about the Russian war of aggression. Merkel does not rule out that Putin waited until she was no longer in office before starting the invasion: “My departure may have been a contribution such as the elections in France, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the stagnation the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.”

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At the same time, Merkel admits that at the end of her term in office she was unable to do much in talks with Putin. “It was clear that I would not be in office much longer, and so I simply have to state that various attempts over the past year have had no effect.”

Merkel did not rule out being able to mediate in the conflict at a later date. When asked if she would be available, she replied, “That question is not currently being asked.”

Merkel (CDU) wants to get to know western Germany better after 16 years in office. “I have rarely been in the old federal states without a purpose,” said Merkel in an interview with the editorial network Germany (RND, Saturday). “I’ve never just been to the Loreley or the Moselle loop or alone in Trier Cathedral or Speyer Cathedral.”

Now a new phase of life begins. So far she has only done a little that many people like to do as a matter of course. Merkel said: “I am now going into the part of my life that was previously denied to me. As a person.” Your political time over 30 years was a great honor. She will write a book about this and about her childhood and youth in the GDR with her longtime office manager Beate Baumann. New at the discounter – Lidl introduces 5D regulations nationwide