Very well. I’m in the double role of a high-risk if on the one hand and a beneficiary on the other hand, such contradictions are typical of a state of emergency, the no come saw.

anyway, I am a home worker and don’t have to lose too much in the future. My dear wife takes care of the most necessary intercourse with the outside world.

The Professor among the literati

Adolf Muschg (85), along with Peter Bichsel (84) to the old guard of Swiss writer – in 1969 she founded together with Max Frisch and Friedrich Dürrenmatt, the group of Olten. Muschg has a PhD in German, and was until 1999 Professor of German language and literature at the ETH Zurich. Among his extensive literary work, novels like “The summer of the hare” (1965), “The Red knight” (1993), or “return to Fukushima” (2018). In 1994, he received the prestigious Georg Büchner prize. Muschg is married in third marriage with the Japanese girl Atsuko Kanto and lives with her in Männedorf, ZH.

In the Childhood during the Second world war, more cars were hardly any, and we were able to take over, as a small war profiteers, the empty streets as playgrounds. This space, the children do not have today. And the dictatorship of the Virus has made it to Gefährdern also. Near required distance: This is the topsy-turvy world of the Corona-crisis.

In emergency situations, we may not be proportionate, but we need to keep the conditions in mind. The young people who said at the beginning, the subjects you will now be taken at the ear: This is now necessary. But it remains crazy. We should not get used to this school.

Somehow, I’m touched, but also suspicious. “And that the strength of a people is measured by the Welfare of the Weak” – this phrase from the preamble of the Federal Constitution sounds too good to be true. But “people” and “state” are two different things. Never the imposition of the besieged society is greater, to conduct themselves in a Mature was.

Respectable. It’s like the Swissair Grounding or the UBS crisis, even if it was comparatively a piece of cake. Since the state was asked again. But he, too, is not “too big to fail”. He needs the support of the common sense, and now is not only fundamental, but cursed demanding.

Roger de Weck writes in his new book, “The power of democracy”: “We are what we wait.” A great sentence! The authorities in honor, but basically now is asking the Confederation of the citizens.

contradictions endure, even their own, without you on scapegoats to dump. And even without waiting for the regulatory panacea. The Virus is unpredictable, which makes it stronger than any algorithm. At the core of Corona is not only a challenge for the medicine or the logistics, but the culture.

We do not know it – this is the real challenge. But the you has for each human life together. Also, since it is not enough to be “smart”. It remains for us not to be spared, to be a little way. The limiting case of our own death – with or without Corona will provide sufficient opportunity to do so.

I can one way or the other on the fate of the world change nothing. What I can change is my perspective on it. If you do this enough people, then one has reason to hope.

it seems to Me the Whole thing as a wheel on a moving train. This is not physically possible, so the train must come to a stop. This is exactly what happens now, in the global scale. With the wheel change alone is not enough, however.

We have to ask: Are we going too fast? Or: in the Right direction at all? We could see the Virus as a shock therapy and a halt to the cooling-off period benefit: Where are we going, on our single planet? The Corona-News have supplanted all the others, says a lot about our perception of reality. Where are the refugee camps in Syria and the Greek Islands? We show what are really the last things: our own well-being.

Almost overnight, the bubble burst limitless growth. The Virus is growing faster, the world according to the Corona will never be the usual. We are, for better or worse, in front of a new beginning. A brutal Chance. The globalization of the people shows a whole new face. This has to be something of a revelation.

no, I don’t consider CoV-2 as a scourge of God for the penalty of our sins. I recently read Manzoni’s novel “The betrothed” (1827), in which the plague plays a Central role – as a test of the lovers. May I read it?

“The bride and groom come to the conclusion that misfortunes and hardships do occur often, because you had given them a reason to Come, but the fuse is not enough for most, and most innocent life, to keep them away, and that if you come by trust in God softened and for a better life useful be made.” For me, this comforting conclusion is.

The locations of the action could not be current. Also, since people are dying today, by the overburdened medical price given. But that you die according to the will of God, dares today, no Church to say more – it would be pure cynicism.

We are doomed since the enlightenment to keep the people in their own jurisdiction: “act only according to the Maxim by which you can at the same time want that it should become a General law!” This means: intelligently, with empathy, responsibility, solidarity.

I see the approaches to it, at the sacrifice of the nursing staff, but also many volunteers who offer their services where they are most needed. You don’t have the commandment of God is necessary, but imagination and a Conscience. And if in Italy the people on the balconies to go out and sing together, then that is a sign of life of the humanity.

no, I can’t imagine. The forced abstinence is also helpful to feel, who and what is really important. What is the virtual contact leaves something to be desired? You see: I’m still analog, I need the physical presence-like my Partner, first of all, my wife.

It seems that countries, where it absorbs the responsibility for the larger Whole with the mother’s milk, we are also well prepared for dealing with the Corona better. South Korea, for example, has let its inhabitants quickly and extensively test while the conditions are still missing.

I hope that the handshake is returning the friendly hug.

Yes, this is my faith Rest in God.

As a Japanese, she feels by the Chinese as far away as the Swiss of the Russians or the Turks – but of course, it has been often thrown at the first glance, in the same pot. Since the word gets around that not everything comes Evil from a Chinese fish market, and the Chinese, especially, are so evidently better finished … also benefit from other “Asians” of the return of European modesty.

Yes, the old scapegoat game, filling the social media with relish with conspiracy theories. In the not long past it was the Jews who had to be all Evil debt. No plague epidemic without a Pogrom, and, unfortunately, wasn’t the Holocaust the end of the song. In contrast, the little rascals, the logic is “I don’t, he is also” a light view of humanity.