We have considered this carefully. The term Turbo has been for decades a Porsche. Our customers know that the Turbo S is always the strongest of the Porsche Version. Also when Taycan we stick with the tried-and-tested nomenclature. Apart from this, the term in German is known to the language use from the Sport. If an athlete in the final meters again right attracts, let’s say that he takes the Turbo.

At Porsche, the petrol engine has a permanent place in the drive strategy. “The gasoline is more emotional. For this purpose, the E-drive and Plug-in Hybrid as a Performance drive and not as a waiver of the vehicle”, explains the Chairman of the Board, Oliver flower. Particularly broad is the balancing act for the Macan (image) is. He will be after the Taycan-variant Cross Turismo of the next E-Porsche, and furthermore, as gasoline is available. “Electric mobility is developing differently in the various regions of the world, be it the infrastructure, the state promotion or the affinity to E-cars,” explains flower. “We recognize that by offering the Macan in some regions, still as gasoline.” This should be the whole world except China and Europe, because since the rules are not complied with in the next few years without E-cars.

(laughs) That is our claim. You can be sure that even a Porsche electric sports car is 100 percent Porsche. A Taycan must drive especially sporty as a 911. The electric mobility fits very well to the Porsche. You see, when Taycan at high acceleration and excellent driving dynamics.

This was not the decisive factor. We have decided with the Taycan aware of for a Segment where our brand is not yet represented, and where we see great potential. It was important to us to position the vehicle very sporty. The aerodynamics plays a role, which in turn affects the range of positive. Due to the flat battery of the vehicle’s center of gravity is located in the Taycan is still lower than in the 911, accordingly, low the driver sits. This brings advantages in terms of driving dynamics and makes the Taycan a real electric-athletes.

We want to offer in the future, in each Segment, in addition to attractive Plug-in Hybrid models cars with optimized internal combustion engines and fully-electric powered sports car parallel. A pure electric drive for the penalty, I don’t see it. Our icon will still be long with an internal combustion engine on the road. We have designed the platform so that we can offer the 911 as a Hybrid, wait for the next step in the evolution of batteries.

We see ourselves as the tip of the spear. For a long time, the sustainability is a very important pillar of our corporate strategy. With the Taycan a vehicle comes on the market, the not only environmentally friendly, but also in our newly built factory fully CO2-neutral produced. We see the Taycan as a technology and have Packed a lot of innovations in, the in this Segment are also affordable. Therefore, it is easier to start in the premium segment of electromobility. Later, we transfer these innovations on the high-volume segments.

even before the discussions about the future of the diesel engine and the climate were raised protection, we have set the course in the direction of electro-mobility. In this respect, the sustainability is a very important pillar in our corporate strategy. We take our responsibility for society and the environment seriously. As a sports car manufacturer, we want to be able to reach the CO2 targets on its own. A few years ago this would have been unthinkable. In the meantime, I am confident that we can exceed the CO2 goals by 2030.

After his studies in mechanical engineering, the on 6 was. June 1968, in Braunschweig (D) – born Oliver flower into the international trainee program of Audi AG. In 1996, he started as a planner at the body shop/paint shop and took over in 1999, the management body of the A3. In 2001, he received his doctorate at the Tongji University in Shanghai at the “Doctor of Engineering” and was the Executive assistant for production at Audi. After five years at Seat in Spain flower in 2009, became head of production planning at VW. In 2013, he was appointed a member of the Executive Board of Porsche AG and took over the 2015 presidency. Oliver Blume is married and has two daughters.

The demand was even before the official world premiere of high. This trust makes us very happy, because the customer had not seen the vehicle yet. We are optimistic that the Taycan and electric mobility for Porsche to be a real success story. We are still at the beginning and have a lot of potential for development. Alone by 2022, we are investing more than six billion euros in future projects – including other electric models. So we reach in the entire Mix of our goals.

not Necessarily. In addition to the electric mobility, and models such as 911 or Cayenne coupe such Image products are very important to us. You carry our Tradition into the next decade. This also includes the GT cars, which are closely related to Motorsport include. You are the heart of Porsche, it will always be.

The good development of our paragraph, the consequence of a successful product strategy. It is important that we provide each and every customer a tailor-made car. Every 911 that runs with us from the Band, is unique. This will remain so in the future. We cater to all wishes of the customer, the power of exclusivity, and the Porsche brand.