Ex-Bayern Munich coach Jürgen Klinsmann sees the dominance of his former club as mainly due to the strategy of “snatching” important players from opponents.

10 years of champions: In an interview with the “Rheinische Post”, former national coach Jürgen Klinsmann explains the reasons why FC Bayern have won the German championship ten times in a row. Accordingly, the dominance is due to the purchasing policy of Munich, which strategically weakens opponents.

Bayern poaching: Klinsmann: Of course, Bayern have enormous quality, but they also have the competitive advantage of always being able to damage the competitor by ripping out important pieces from those who come too close. It has been like this for 40 years.”

Criticism of Dortmund: However, he does not relieve his competitors of their duty: “But the competitors also lack the ultimate determination. It would be important that Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig or Leverkusen have more consistency and more courage in the competition with Bayern. It’s a lot in the head. Here, too, Bayern have an advantage. Over the decades, they have made it a matter of course to take the lead.”

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