no, but I am from my home on the Waidberg the Limmat river along here ran. In the evening I walk back up the hill. I do it almost every day.

As Olivier Bernhard, Caspar Coppetti and I founded the brand in 2010, was rooms our first Office in our own home. Our partners were always glad when we went for a run over lunch and they had the apartment again.

In the last 18 months has doubled the size of our Team of 350 employees. They are distributed to approximately a dozen sites, and have 30 different nationalities. Here in the Zurich Lab, and the offices we have around 130, and I hear the daily conversations in more than ten different languages. About half our team are Swiss.

to be out of Switzerland international success. A company in the great America must make late thoughts on an international Expansion. As we confess we are aware of Switzerland as a location with a small home market, we were represented by zero hour in Germany, Austria and Norway. And from the second year, in the United States. So we also need people who know these countries very well.

is it a valid concern. On moves in the running Shoe market and global giants like Nike and Adidas. We must, therefore, faster and innovative and want to bring the best talents from Switzerland and from abroad On. For us, product designer from Finland, Digital Specialist from California, and programmer from Tel Aviv, work for example. Our logistics boss grew up in China and studied in USA in Harvard.

Our Start-up Team is looking for the best dealer, the running shoes sell. Then there is the classic: Loaded with a bag full of shoes pass you by, and explain the patented technology. On a small run round, we will show why On the best running Shoe is.

Because we have invented the running Shoe with hollow elements in the sole. We call them Clouds. They combine a soft, light landing with a direct, explosive takeoff. This is a completely new running sensation. So far, the runners needed a soft, comfortable Shoe for Training and a quick, hard Shoe for fast runs or a Race. It’s both in one.

China just discovered the Sport and health as a life style. When I went earlier in China early in the morning Jogging, I saw in the Park, many Chinese Tai Chi, today, I see runners. In a few years, more than 200 Marathons has emerged in China.

This is a great award for us, because Japan is the third-largest run-of-nation, after the USA and Germany. The running Shoe market is for Japan as prestigious as the watch market for Switzerland. Brands with a long Tradition, including Asics and Mizuno, to come from there. Today, more On to be sold in Japan-footwear in Switzerland.

With the technology and the running feeling, bring that to our shoes. The Japanese are insane for how something works. The product descriptions of On are in Japan, twice as long as in other countries. Add to that our minimalist style for the style understanding of the Japanese.

On it is not a question of fashion but a new feel. And ornaments make shoes not better, but especially severe. You see, many fashion brands who offer shoes, which will be based as sneakers, visually on running shoes, but twice as heavy. Since people tend to forget why running shoes are originally designed as sneakers part of our fashion.

Because they are convenient and easy. For many of us the boundaries between work and leisure becoming blurred. Clothes and shoes must go along with it, and we have less patience for formal wear. To fit this Lifestyle a comfortable Shoe, with the Sprint to succeed on the Tram. That fashion is only interested in the Silhouette, is absurd.

I come from an architect-parents house, and since architecture, Design, and also common Creative were projects important. This has shaped me. If I had to build for the scout, for example, a lantern, and with the help of my parents an elaborate plexiglass construction. In the 50s my father worked in Paris. Black roll neck jumper, Citroën, sometimes a Gauloise in your mouth. The classical modern architect.

My father came from the Jura and an avid mountain-goer. My love for nature and I owe him and my time in the scouts. I’ve sure spent a year of my life in a tent in the Swiss Alps.

Not as big as you might think. Vitra has worked, for example, closely related to the famous American designer couple Charles and Ray Eames. They have some of the most famous chairs of our time developed. When Sitting, the functionality was the same way with you in the center like On the Run. And you went when you Develop a product similar to we.

you have built a prototype, have it, and as long as not more optimized, up it went. You can compare it with a stone that is ground down in a river for so long, until he has the perfect shape.

We do not design a Shoe on the Computer, but to test prototypes on a secret running track in Appenzell. The Team from sports science to cut learning of Hand parts, glue them to countless Shoe variations and test them with athletes. This has been done in the first model, so, for the cut-up garden parts of the hose were the sole is attached. It looked like a Monster, but the basic principle works.

Olivier Bernhard, co-founder and head of innovation, of On. He has as a former world champion and professional triathlete, a direct nerve from the big toe to the brain. We test up to a hundred prototypes, before we bring out a Shoe.

as for the Sports, especially skiing and kite surfing. This Winter, I combined the in the Engadin valley with snow kiting – this is such as kite surfing, easy on the snow. With wind power, we went across the frozen lake Nero on the Bernina pass. My wife and I love to travel. Our daughter makes a lot of Fun, even though she is only four years old.

I am for the company, often in the United States, and sometimes can accompany me to my family. We are Fans of Los Angeles and spend more time there. In spite of all the politically critical trends in the U.S.: For me, a young culture of dynamism prevails especially in cities such as Los Angeles. If you want to know what will shape our pop culture, you’re there at the right place.

Absolute Blockbuster for runners, the path from Venice Beach to Santa Monica in Los Angeles. Or the Route on the Hudson River in Manhattan, the High Line, the magnificent skyscraper backdrop. Exotic of the running in Sydney through the Botanical gardens overlooking the Opera house. What I love in the mountains: Behind the next knoll is a new Panorama, and a new world opens. The runner is to the Explorer.

David, all of the husband (48) was founded in 2010 with Caspar Coppetti and former top athlete Olivier Bernhard, the running Shoe brand On, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Previously, the manufacturer Vitra has worked for the furniture. He is married to a Doctor and has a four-year-old daughter.