Pierre-Alain Regali: at the moment we have about 170’000 vehicles on our stock exchange. The offer is enormously wide: from a Audi A6 for around 200 Swiss francs, which is used mainly as a spare parts warehouse, to luxury cars for four million francs. That is the Great thing about Autoscout24: no Matter what kind of vehicle someone is looking for, he or she is determined on our platform, a find.

The Autoscout24 at the Auto Zürich

Auto-Zurich-newcomers are recommended to first visit in hall 4 at the Stand of Autoscout24. Reason: The biggest online stock market of Switzerland during the exhibition, the car Zurich in your App, and redirects the visitors to digital through the exhibition halls. In addition, the “Price Finder” on the Stand to determine how much the value of the currently driven car – and also the same free of charge until the end of the fair contest.

within five years, will change the auto industry radically. Thanks to the solid base of data, we were able to collect in the last 20 years, we know the market very well. We therefore invest heavily in new Services and business models that are aligned to these needs. Especially, we are focusing on steadily developing our platform, so that buyers and sellers find, thanks to our innovations quickly and easily, successfully, what you are looking for.

The show is not only studies, but already providers abroad. In England, for example, already today, vehicles are sold successfully online. We are convinced that this will also find its way into Switzerland in due time and Offline services, such as maintenance, repair, service, or delivery of new cars in the future posted by click.

I will not miss me. Where has it been such a large and wide selection of vehicles and advice as well as here in the exhibition halls in Oerlikon.

Clearly, the exclusive Ferrari 488 Pista Piloti no 7 on our Stand in hall 4.

car Zurich in 2019 – what you need to know

31. October to 3. November 2019, 10 to 21 hrs (Sat/sun 10 to 19 o’clock)
location: Messe Zürich
admission: adults CHF 19, AHV/IV recipients 12 francs pupils/students/learners 10 francs, evening tickets (Thurs/Fri from 18 hrs) 12 Franks, family tickets (2 adults, 1-4 Kids up to 16 years) CHF 39, season ticket CHF 30.
information www.auto-zuerich.ch