Obviously, the skepticism of trade fairs such as the Auto Zurich is declined with a reasonable cost for exhibitors. Importers and distributors have found that it is not so easy to sell cars over the Internet. Customers want to feel vehicles, feel and live see. Finally, a car purchase is a huge investment. On the other, we cover an important part of the Swiss market and the Zurich car market is by far the largest in Switzerland. This has been recognized by the exhibitors again.

In the Classic market, there is a high car affinity – every classic car owner is driving a new car. This combination of new and Classic exhibition fits so well. In addition, the standardized System of car Zurich was important to us – we build the stands, the exhibitors bring the vehicles – also in the Classic field. That this works, we see the well-known exhibitors, the show is almost 50 first-class objects. The Auto Zurich Classic of includes but in no way that we will integrate in the future also the New Mobility area more in the Autoshow.

Us, it is clear that the exhibition business will change and more attractive for visitors – it needs more Action. And eSports has a huge future ahead of him. The cooperation with Simracing fits perfectly to the car area. In contrast to the past, can afford to pay for the boys today, real racing any more. With the impressive simulators, the Racing-Fuel-Academy, you can virtually against each other – this is really Fun.

car Zurich in 2019 – what you need to know

31. October to 3. November 2019, 10 to 21 hrs (Sat/sun 10 to 19 o’clock)
location: Messe Zürich
admission: adults CHF 19, AHV/IV recipients 12 francs pupils/students/learners 10 francs, evening tickets (Thurs/Fri from 18 hrs) 12 Franks, family tickets (2 adults, 1-4 Kids up to 16 years) CHF 39, season ticket CHF 30.
information www.auto-zuerich.ch