Fjolla Krasniqi (19) from Schwarzenbach SG has vowed: “Never again will an internship in a daycare!” Actually, you would like to become a professional woman for child care. In August 2016, she began her internship in St. Gallen daycare. She and 19 other young people should be there, as it was called, a year-long suitability of evidence – for 450 francs in the month!

In your layer four attendants took care of 25 children: “Often the three of us were Unskilled and only a qualified person.” Only one in five trainees later got an Apprenticeship – Krasniqi was not: “they wanted to extend my internship to give me a Chance.” But Krasniqi did not want to be longer yields: “The notice period was two months!”

The industry Association of child care Switzerland, Kibesuisse, shows great understanding for these working conditions: “day care centers are under enormous financial pressure,” says Prisca Mattanza, media spokesperson of Kibesuisse. “Personnel costs make up about 80 percent of the operating costs.”

Many are not sufficiently trained,

Would be replaced with interns by specialists, prices rose for a new day care space by 20 percent. With a current average of 110 Swiss francs per day 132 francs would then be due. “The rates for parents are already above average,” says Mattanza. “The more costs would have to be taken over by municipalities or cantons.” The sounds, as in the problems of day-care centres just about the money. However, a member survey of Kibesuisse in 2016, revealed that 55 percent of the supervisor – trainees, a third of them – are not sufficiently trained.

The trade Union SSP / VPOD Zürich and the professional Association, in spite of phase (“We have enough of a lack of appreciation, low salaries, lack of staff, the chronic under-funding and cuts in social services”), the reason for this condition with a lack of regulation of the industry. In a Petition, the trade unions demand a collective labor agreement, the wage transparency, wage equality, and sustainable training opportunities calls for.

Sometimes, the day-care centres comply with the recommendations of your Association Kibesuisse, proposing a salary of 800 to 950 francs. “Long-term internships are useful”, says spokesperson of Mattanza. “For positive development, children need consistent and familiar caregivers.” And further: “We weigh the child’s well-being is highest, and can therefore recommend one-year internships.”

“Some of the children were neglected,”

Fjolla Krasniqi held on for a year. “Because of all the Stress I was in a great mood getting worse and worse.” The have an impact on your dealings with the children: “Some of them were neglected because we were too few caretakers.” The trainees should learn, according to Kibesuisse something.

media spokesperson Prisca Mattanza: “A caregiver must work with you to develop learning objectives.” In addition, interns should work no more than 80 per cent: “A day in the week must be reserved for education, for example in the Form of a vocational preparation school. The day care centers should participate in the cost of Schooling”, so Mattanza. “Interns are no replacement for a qualified person.”

Krasniqi for a day in the week to the vocational preparation in school and her working hours wanted to reduce to 80 per cent, was reduced in her wage to 380 Swiss francs.

The nursery was your interest, Krasniqis work force to fully exploit, also on other kind of evidence: “After the children had been picked up in the evening by their parents, I had to clean each half hour of the day-care centre.”