The Airbnb offers in Lucerne urging pensioners and families from the city center and special “business to entice travelers”: prostitutes, drug dealers, gambling operators.

As a VIEW with a Lucerne through the streets of the city centre shows all of a sudden on a house. “Here is a well-Known has taken part of me with an illegal poker tournament. Allegedly, the organizers had rented for two days in an apartment via Airbnb. After that they are gone abroad, or wherever.”

Evidence of the can hardly be. Who knows, if the third floor, in particular, young adults celebrating a birthday or something Illegal is about to expire? Only one thing is clear: The residents have an uneasy feeling when in your house, Strangers come and go. And you suffer from the noise of the holiday guests.

Great views

it is also Gürsel Sasmaz (50). The doctor lives with his wife and small daughter at the Lucerne Rigistrasse 32. He is happy to be in a few weeks father for the second Time. However, the tourists, the family happiness to interfere: In a tenement house not far from the hotel Montana, a number of apartments are via to.

And they attract special tourists. Residents must always call the police again. “On 10. In April 2019, we received a notice of a disturbance, and the message that the Rigistrasse 32, a brothel was operated,” says the chief communications officer of the Lucerne police, Christian Bertschi.

24-hour massage salon

“On 12. April reported he went to 2.30 PM a further note regarding disturbance of the peace”,. The patrol was then taken to a man who had rung at the wrong apartment door. The police controlled the apartment tenant, to just the man. “According to information you operating a 24-hour massage service.”

The list of operations is long. “This is not a state,” said Sasmaz. “It is a Come and Go in the house.” Garbage lying. In the middle of the night and ring the bell.”

“as soon As I learned of the Prostitution in my apartment, I stopped this”, says Hans P. Wanner (70), is offering the apartments at the Rigistrasse 32 via . The Hotelier rents the Falcon, the apartments are also about the Lucerne Hotel. In addition, he has opened in 2018 in the former strip club, Du Pont, a Fondue House on Dirty Thursday the opening was.

With him was all but clean, so Wanner. He wants to do with the horizontal trade anything. Whether its rentals to the law on the Rigistrasse but actually compliant, but the industrial police is interested in currently.

the doctor Sasmaz has complained also at the in-house management, the Pierre Sudan Leasing und Finanz AG,. On a VIEW-request your legal representative confirmed, “that it is got in the property at the Rigistrasse 32 in Lucerne complaints”. According to the complaints. And: “Should be found to be an unlawful use of the rental flats, we will immediately make for legitimate States.”

The Ball is in the policy

the policy has been adopted in the meantime, the Lucerne Airbnb desert. Not so soon, only apartments in Lucerne’s city center, because the Locals can no longer afford the rent, is the city Council. He’s looking for a way to adapt the building and zoning regulations so that business will be prohibited, and used vacation rentals for tourists.

In the case of the trade police hats

the doorbell Whether its rentals to the law on the Rigistrasse 32 in fact compliant, the industrial police is interested. “With the operator, we, as well as the building Department of the city of Lucerne in contact”, emphasises Urs Renggli, head of hospitality and commercial police. The Department investigations were.

To VIEW Wanner, he live in a apartment and I have rented a second apartment to a Couple more. Only two apartments on the Rigistrasse 32, it is offering tourists. To the objection that the inhabitants would never be in the house, he specifies, “at least in the Winter” live on it.

In the Internet have more flats

According to offers Wanner tourists but four apartments on the Rigistrasse 32. A Total Of 14 Beds. Ten beds would require a permit. Doctor Sasmaz says: “Mr. Wanner leads the authorities to the nose.” Because in the apartment, the Wanner claimed for himself, were constantly tourists in and out.

“The tourists have to register but,” said the doctor. Based on the Postings it should be easy to prove, how many apartments Wanner rents.

However, in the tourism stronghold of Lucerne to look providers of vacation rentals is not so hard on the fingers. And also, the police acknowledges the extent of the inserts on the Rigistrasse 32 only at the second attempt. Initially, it was said, in the last 18 months there have been at this address just two police operations. As a GLANCE showed, that this can’t be right, there were suddenly a lot more. (pt)