In March 1989, a young physicist, designed at Cern, the concept of a network for the exchange of information. On Tuesday, Tim Berners-Lee returns to Cern to celebrate the birth of the World Wide Web.

“information management: A proposal”: Behind this unassuming title, the Foundation stone of the “World Wide Web”, Sir Tim Berners-Lee at 12 hides. In March 1989 at Cern. Private users of the physicists had not, at the time, in the sense of: the objective of this thesis paper was to simplify the global exchange of data in the research community.

the core point of the concept was a common “language”, with the help of the Internet, the computer connected to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, short HTTP to communicate, and of data to exchange:. In the time that worked Berners-Lee’s “web of information nodes, the user will can move”. The support he got from his Cern colleague Robert Cailliau. Berners-Lee formalized his proposal in 1990: “WorldWideWeb: proposal for a Hypertext project”.

WWW Software freely available

Until the end of the year, 1990, he had implemented the key components of the WWW, HTML, HTTP, and URL. In addition, Berners-Lee had created the first Web Server, Browser and Editor. In August 1991, he presented the project to the public: The World Wide Web opened its doors to the General Public. Today, around three billion Websites exist and half of the world’s population is online.

Crucial to the success of the Internet was that the Cern, in 1993, made the WWW Software is freely accessible, and each allowed to use it and improve it, such as the research Institute wrote on the occasion of the annual day. Berners-Lee did not patent. Empty the founder of the WWW was not, however, For his performance he was awarded with several highly-doped prices, among other things, the “Turing Award”.

The world changes

“The invention of the Web has transformed our world and shows how basic research Innovation powered”, was Cern Director Fabiola Gianotti’s quote. It was a great pleasure, that Sir Tim Berners-Lee will attend the occasion of the Cern to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his thesis paper.

To the memory of the pioneering developments 30 years ago, break receive, the Cern since 2013, some of the digital components from the inception of the World Wide Web. So recently succeeded in the course of a Hackathon, to reconstruct the first Browser with current technology. Previously, it was managed the first Website that was dedicated to the World Wide Web project itself.

misuse of data

After 30 years of the WWW, however, seems anything other than a grown-up: Fake News, election manipulation, the collection of personal data of users and the abuse of this data are only able to some of the shadow sides, the Berners-Lee see at the time, difficult to predict. The computer scientist is involved in the meantime to bring the Internet back to a better rate.

For one, he advocates for a “contract for the Web”, the integrity of Online information. On the other, he launched his Team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit), a platform called “Solid” to give back users control over their personal data. (zas)