note that In Europe the leagues are silent, except in the republic of belarus. There are going to be the competition will continue, with the approval of the state government. The international spelersvakbond FIFPro ringing the alarm-bell.

“It’s incredible,” says Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, general secretary of FIFPro. “There are some players that have to worry about. Belarus is the only country in Europe where the competition does not sleep.”

the Fans get into the stadium, however, handgels, but it was just last weekend less than surgical masks to see the people in the stands.

President Alexander Lukashenko minimized it, the impact of the crisis on many occasions. On Tuesday it fell in the republic of belarus in a first-of dead as a result of the covid-19. The victim, a 75-year-old man. In white-Russia has provisionally 163 of the official of the infections.
Jonas-Baer, Hoffmann, secretary general of the spelersvakbond, is the continuation of the White-Russian competition of them. Photo: BELGAIMAGE Photo: BELGAIMAGE Photo: BELGAIMAGE